How Much Sleep Should Your Kids Be Getting?

How Much Sleep Should Your Kids Be Getting?

Anyone who has children will understand that making sure they get adequate sleep can be challenging unless those parents are very lucky. Keeping to strict bedtimes everyday is unrealistic but there is guidance available that might help you decide if your kids are getting enough sleep or if they need to go to bed earlier.

If we set aside babies who tend to sleep at all times of the day, experts recommend that children under 3 should get around 12 hours of sleep. This number falls slightly for those aged 3 to 6 years old who need between 10 and 12 hours sleep a night.

For children aged 7 to 12 the amount of sleep needed falls to 10 to 11 hours and, contrary to popular belief, teenagers need 8 to 9 hours.

So if your teenage children are lying in bed too long then it might be time to start getting them up earlier and for younger children the focus should be on getting them to bed early enough for them to get the sleep they need.

For those not getting enough sleep the consequences can be anything from under achieving in exams to clumsiness and bad behaviour in school.

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3 Reasons To Invest In A Bigger Bed

3 Reasons To Invest In A Bigger Bed

You never hear anyone complain that a bed is too big particularly if you are part of a couple sharing one. After all we spend a lot of our lives under the covers so beds are an important sanctuary that should be suitable for our needs. With this in mind, here are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in a bigger bed.

You might sleep better
Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a larger bed than they do on smaller ones. The study involved couples sleeping on a bigger bed and comparing it to a standard bed of smaller proportions. Following the trial the number who said they would buy a bigger bed rose from 15% to 50%.

It doesn’t cost that much more
If you spread the investment over the 7 years it takes for a bed to start wearing out, the extra cost is minimal working out at just a few pence a night. This makes buying a bigger bed more than worthwhile if you value your sleep.

It will cost far less than TVs and some other home gadgets
Society today is obsessed with gadgets and people are prepared to spend several hundred pounds on an iphone. Few phones or TVs will last as long as a bed which makes it puzzling why more isn’t spent by people on buying the biggest most comfortable bed

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Will The Clocks Going Back Affect My Sleep?

Will The Clocks Going Back Affect My Sleep?

With autumn now upon us it will soon be time to put the clocks back which will mean our nights will be darker and our early mornings a bit lighter.

While it is only an hour, the change can have a minor disruptive effect on our body clocks with the extra hour in bed and later bed times leaving some of us a bit more tired.

The effect is only likely to last a day or so for those affected but it serves as a reminder that we all need to get enough sleep to function properly in work and all the other activities we take part in during the day or night depending on your lifestyle.

Back in the old days pre industrial revolution people would go to bed a couple of hours after sunset and get up in the morning as the sun arose. It was only following the industrial revolution and the invention of better lighting that people began to stay up later.

Us humans are roughly equally split between being morning people and night owls therefore it will probably be the night owls who welcome the change of clocks in the winter.

Whichever group you happen to belong to it’s important to get the recommended amount of sleep each night to maintain good health.

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Interesting Facts About Beds You May Not Know

Interesting Facts About Beds You May Not Know

Most people think beds are just for sleeping in but this humble piece of furniture has many myths, legends and surprising facts it you may not have been aware of.

Orthopaedic beds aren’t what you think
The word orthopaedic is often associated with beds but it’s really the mattress which is the focus when it comes to the bones and joints. Many people will tell you that an orthopaedic mattress must always be firm but this isn’t necessarily the case, the mattress just needs to support you in the right sleep posture.

We spend a third of our lives in bed
On average people will spend a third of their lives in bed and some people more than this, so a good bed should be at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

Gain an hours sleep with a comfortable bed
Studies have shown that people sleep for an extra hour in a comfortable bed and that extra hour can make a big difference to your health and sense of wellbeing.

The 10-year rule
If you have had your bed for more than 10 years take note, the average bed is going to deteriorate by 70% in that time so it may be time to start thinking about replacing yours!

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How To Look After Your Bed

How To Look After Your Bed

The average bed is said to have a lifespan of about 10 years before it deteriorates to the point where it is time to consider getting a new one.

While 10 years may be the average lifespan for a bed, a lot will depend on how much wear and tear it is going to be exposed to over the course of a decade. There are also various materials to consider with some offering more longevity than others.

If you have a metal bed for example, you can expect that bed to last for several years because the structure is going to be stronger than natural materials such as wood and leather. The only issue with metal however is its appearance. If rust is allowed to set in then the bed frame can become unsightly so it is important to keep metal bed frames dry particularly after cleaning.

Wooden bed frames can be equally vulnerable when exposed to moisture. If water gets into the wood, then this will reduce the lifespan of the bed while excessive exposure to sunlight will lead to discolouration.

Leather bed frames meanwhile can be extremely robust and last well beyond 10 years if the leather is cleaned regularly. Leather, however, can be ruined by polish or abrasive chemicals so specialist leather cleaners are recommended to keep the bed looking in top condition.

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Early To Bed Early To Rise, Does It Really Make Your ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’

Early To Bed Early To Rise, Does It Really Make Your ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’

Or so the old saying goes but how accurate is it? Does going to bed early and waking up early really improve your chances of becoming the three things most of us strive for as we get older?

Science has certainly backed up the claim that a good night’s sleep improves your health and prevents you from suffering all sorts of nasty illnesses if you keep a regular sleep time and get the recommended number of hours somewhere between 7 and 8 hours for adults.

When you think about it makes sense that after having your 7 or 8 hours rest you will feel more refreshed and this will make you better able to cope with the demands of the working week. Feeling tired at work will have a major effect on your productivity levels which in turn will have an impact on how much you are capable of earning.

Lastly you could also argue that you are more likely to listen and learn more if you are not nodding off. Who hasn’t sat through a class and felt like falling asleep after a late night out?

Sleep can be much improved by having a good quality mattress and bed to sleep on. We have an extensive range in stock so visit us and start making those strides towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Suffer From Hip Pain? A New Mattress Might Help

Suffer From Hip Pain? A New Mattress Might Help

Anyone who has suffered from hip pain knows that it can be very difficult to find relief even when lying down in bed. Fortunately, there are things you can do that might ease the pain from an aching hip so that you can achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Much of the pain emanating from a sore hip when lying down can be due to your mattress type. If your mattress is starting to show its age, then it may provide little support which leads to misalignment of joints, particularly those in your spine and hip.

Opting for a firm mattress will provide the much needed support you need to ensure your joints remain in alignment when you sleep. In terms of mattress type, memory foam and latex mattress are able to provide firmness around those pressure points and help position your pbody in a more natural sleeping position.

In addition to buying a new mattress you could also try placing a pillow between your legs if you typically lie on your side to go to sleep. Placing the pillow between your legs will take the pressure of whichever side of the hip is causing pain and can instantly relieve symptoms.

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Is The Bedroom A Place For Plants?

Is The Bedroom A Place For Plants?

Opinion is often divided on house plants, some people like having them in their homes, some don’t but one thing is certain, they are making something of a comeback.

You will find plenty of interior design magazines now displaying dream interiors with plants an integral part of the overall design scheme. This reflects perhaps the need for people to reconnect with nature, particularly those who are living in apartments and small terraced homes where truly natural spaces are either non-existent or at a premium.

Whether you like plants in the home or not they do offer several benefits which can be enjoyed even when they placed in the bedroom.

Plants are actually very good at regulating humidity levels in the home and they can even improve indoor air quality by filtering out impurities, which is important if you want your bedroom to be a healthy environment.

These environmental benefits are not the only reason to consider having plants in your bedroom. Plants can also help us relax and even improve our mood. There is also lots you can do to liven up your indoor plant displays and make them fit the overall aesthetic of a room.

In children’s bedrooms for example you can make plants a fun feature. For example, it is common to find cactuses with hats and moustaches placed on them in many garden centres.

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How Much Sleep Does An Athlete Need?

How Much Sleep Does An Athlete Need?

While it is a fact that we all need a set amount of sleep to help us function, professional athletes may need even more sleep to be able to perform at their optimum physical capacity.

You have probably heard the stories of football teams being woken up in the early hours at their team hotel by fire alarms and how this may have impacted on their performance in subsequent matches.

The recommended amount of sleep in any 24 hour period is between 7 and 8 hours but there are athletes who claim they can’t function properly on anything less than 10 hours on their days off.

There is a good reason for this. Sleep is actually very important for athletes because it is not only required for recovery between events, but also to build muscle. Without enough sleep, both recovery and muscle and gains in strength and physical performance will be slow at best.

So it is not only professional athletes who benefit from getting enough sleep, even if you are an amateur sportsperson, you are likely to achieve your goals much faster if you place an equal amount of importance on the quality of your sleep.

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How High Humidity Affects Sleep And What To Do About It

How High Humidity Affects Sleep And What To Do About It

The country is often divided in the summer between those who love the hot and weather and those who pray for rain and fresher conditions so they can get a better night’s sleep. If you belong to the latter camp, fear not there is a lot you can do to reduce heat and humidity in the bedroom.

The first thing to look at in an uncomfortable hot and humid bedroom is the type of sheets you are using. There is always an option to have no sheets on the bed at all during hot weather, but this can sometimes leave you susceptible to feeling the chill of early morning if conditions suddenly change.

The best way to cool things down therefore is to invest in cotton sheets, that are far more breathable than synthetic fabrics. Also avoid silk which can really raise the temperature.

Replacing your mattress can also help a lot. Memory foam for example moulds to your body via the heat you naturally produce and this has the effect of trapping that heat which is not ideal in hot humid conditions. Opting for a mattress type that doesn’t trap heat can make the world of difference.

Another practical way to reduce humidity is to invest in a de-humidifier. While some humidity in the room is actually good for you, if humidity gets to high it is impossible for moisture to evaporate, which prevents us from cooling down. A good dehumidifier will stop this happening.

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