Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs Your Bed Needs to Be Replaced

Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs Your Bed Needs to Be Replaced

Many of us are now paying more attention to our health limiting the amount of sugar and fat we consume and exercising more yet few of us pay much attention to our beds. Beds are more than just places to sleep, they are the most important factor in getting the sleep you also need to keep healthy.

It is important, therefore, to spot the following warning signs your bed needs to be replaced.

Your mattress resembles a valley
If you strip off the sheets and your bed appears to be sunk in the middle, then this is a tell-tale sign that either your bed, mattress or both should be replaced.

You wake up with soreness and headaches
While there could be other causes for soreness and headaches when waking up in the morning and you should get those checked by a doctor, the culprit could well be a worn-out bed. If your mattress hasn’t been replaced for a decade or your bed is starting to look shabby with broken fittings underneath, it is time to start looking for a replacement.

Your bed doesn’t feel as comfortable as the one at the hotel
If you sleep like a baby in your hotel room or elsewhere and don’t feel like you could have had an equally good or better night’s sleep at home, this could be a clear indication that your mattress and possibly your bed needs replacing.

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The Simplest Way To Make a Bed

The Simplest Way To Make a Bed

Making beds is a chore most of us would like to avoid if we could but then again most of us don’t have the benefit of a maid to do it. So here are some tips on the simplest way to make a bed with the minimum of fuss.

The first thing to avoid before making your bed is doing it as soon as you get up. If your mum would always let the bed air out a bit before making it later on in the morning she had the right idea. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped and building up to encourage all sorts of nasty microscopic creatures.

Then when its time to make the bed be sure to start with straightening the bottom sheet over the mattress. So-called hospital corners where you tuck the sheet under in triangles is the quickest and easiest way to a neat start.

Then puff up your pillow cases and place on top of your tucked in sheet. If you then have a top sheet ensure that you spread it evenly over each side and smooth out any creases. Again, tuck your sheet under the mattress for neatness.

You can then shake out the duvet and if you prefer put the pillow cases on top along with cushions if you have them.

If you find yourself having to change the duvet or pillow case cover, a handy tip is to turn them inside out, grab the inner corners and pull either the duvet or pillow case through for a quick neat finish that won’t have you wrestling with the duvet.

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The science of nodding off

The science of nodding off

When you go to bed, do you struggle to get off to sleep while your partner just seems to just drop off as soon as they hit the pillow? The time it takes people to get to sleep can vary a lot and one university is studying the connection between sleep health and the length of time it takes to drop off. The results probably won’t come as a surprise…

The healthy sleep project run by professor Jason Ellis at Northumbria University analysed the effects of delays in getting off to sleep and found that people who took a long time to fall asleep had poor overall sleep health compared to those who took only a short length of time.

The study analysed individuals aged between 18 and 65 to come up with the recommended time. The optimum time to nod off to sleep was found to be between 10 and 15 minutes. More or less time than this indicates either sleep deprivation if someone goes to sleep almost immediately and poor sleep health if the person takes longer.

While simply going to bed earlier and sleeping for between and eight hours should solve the problem of sleep deprivation, poor general sleep health can sometimes be cured by taking time to improve sleep by living a healthier lifestyle.

Also investing in a better bed and mattress can make a huge difference if lack of comfort is causing the issue.

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The advantages and disadvantages of napping

The advantages and disadvantages of napping

Napping isn’t just for old people; young people can also enjoy the benefits as long as those naps are taken at the right time of day and not for too long.

Often naps are essential for us to recharge out batteries and increase alertness for the times when we need it such as when driving. Driving while sleepy is very dangerous when quick reaction times and awareness are essential.

Another benefit of napping can be felt in better performance at work if this has been affected by lack of sleep and tiredness. To get that quality nap time during the working day however can be difficult and sleep experts’ advice that naps should be taken no later than 2pm for day workers to avoid negative effects which bring us to some of the disadvantages.

Napping for longer than 10 minutes can increase the feeling of grogginess you get when your sleep is disturbed at night and this can end up having the opposite of the positive effects described earlier.

Sleeping too long in the day and too late in the afternoon can also have an impact on your sleep when it really counts at night.

So by all means don’t be afraid to indulge in a nap to catch up on some sleep and improve those energy levels but like everything else this should done in moderation.

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Out Top Tips for Beating the Winter Chill in Bed

Out Top Tips for Beating the Winter Chill in Bed

As winter approaches and the nights get chillier it’s often a struggle to keep warm and while a bit of cold is nice if you want to snuggle up, being cold for the whole night is far from good for your health. So here are our top tips for keeping warm in bed.

Wear thick pyjamas
Wearing pyjamas is one of the best ways to keep out the cold if they are made from natural rather than man-made fibres. Team them up with bed socks and this will ensure that most of your body is covered stopping some of the effects of any draughts.

It is important to take regular exercise for general health but it can also be useful to get your circulation going. An active body produced more heat and this should hopefully last you until bed time.

Hot water bottle
The good old-fashioned water bottle remains one of the best ways to keep your bed warm. The only downside is it will go cold by the early hours.

Ditch the summer duvet and swap for a winter one
There’s no point in struggling on with a summer duvet when temperatures plummet. Investing in a higher tog rated duvet will make a big difference to your comfort levels in cold weather.

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Why Choosing The Right Pillow Is Important

Why Choosing The Right Pillow Is Important

If you have ever woken up with a headache there is a good chance this was caused by your head being in the wrong position while you were sleeping or your sleep was disturbed for the same reason. This is why choosing the right pillow is essential if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the wrong pillow can have the opposite effect.

Your head and neck need good support
You can have a good firm mattress and the best bed you can afford but your pillow choice is just as important because it need to provide the correct support for your head and neck. The wrong type of pillow can cause you to have a stiff neck because it fails to put the spine in correct alignment with your neck which contains 7 of the 33 vertebrae. With the average head weighing 5.5 kilos, a pillow will need to have enough supporting material to keep it in the right position. If the pillow is too soft or pillows are stacked too high this can cause discomfort.

All pillows are not created equal
Taking into account the above spending some time choosing the right pillow is worthwhile. You will find plenty of choice and you should try out as many as you can to see which one is right for you.

Some materials can cause allergic reactions
Another important consideration when choosing a pillow is the material it is made from. Some people can be allergic to down or feathers. There will be plenty of hypo-allergenic alternatives if this is the case and sometimes simply swapping an old pillow could reduce your allergy symptoms

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Most People Regret Buying Mattresses According To Poll

Most People Regret Buying Mattresses According To Poll

You might think that all mattresses are equal and there is little difference no matter what you buy but a recent poll suggests otherwise. According to the poll, more people regret their mattress purchase than anything else they buy for the home.

The poll was undertaken by home interiors company Hillary’s and included a sample of nearly 2,500 people. Of those 29% chose their mattress as the most regrettable purchase narrowly ahead of sofas. This is understandable considering that most people spend a good proportion of time sleeping and sitting on sofas.

Some possible reasons for people’s dissatisfaction with their mattresses will relate not only to the material but also how hard or soft it is and how big it is.

It can be particularly hard for couples to choose a double mattress that suits both partners needs because people can sometimes have different requirements. While some prefer a soft mattress, others may prefer a harder mattress with more support.

Material is also important. Memory foam for example can be great for some people and less hard on joints but for others, the material can be uncomfortably hot when it retains heat in warm conditions.

The answer to choosing a mattress you won’t regret buying is to try different mattress types and ensure that everyone who will be sleeping on it tries it out to make sure they are happy with the size and comfort. Also consider the quality, you tend to get what you pay for with mattresses.

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How Much Sleep Should Your Kids Be Getting?

How Much Sleep Should Your Kids Be Getting?

Anyone who has children will understand that making sure they get adequate sleep can be challenging unless those parents are very lucky. Keeping to strict bedtimes everyday is unrealistic but there is guidance available that might help you decide if your kids are getting enough sleep or if they need to go to bed earlier.

If we set aside babies who tend to sleep at all times of the day, experts recommend that children under 3 should get around 12 hours of sleep. This number falls slightly for those aged 3 to 6 years old who need between 10 and 12 hours sleep a night.

For children aged 7 to 12 the amount of sleep needed falls to 10 to 11 hours and, contrary to popular belief, teenagers need 8 to 9 hours.

So if your teenage children are lying in bed too long then it might be time to start getting them up earlier and for younger children the focus should be on getting them to bed early enough for them to get the sleep they need.

For those not getting enough sleep the consequences can be anything from under achieving in exams to clumsiness and bad behaviour in school.

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3 Reasons To Invest In A Bigger Bed

3 Reasons To Invest In A Bigger Bed

You never hear anyone complain that a bed is too big particularly if you are part of a couple sharing one. After all we spend a lot of our lives under the covers so beds are an important sanctuary that should be suitable for our needs. With this in mind, here are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in a bigger bed.

You might sleep better
Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a larger bed than they do on smaller ones. The study involved couples sleeping on a bigger bed and comparing it to a standard bed of smaller proportions. Following the trial the number who said they would buy a bigger bed rose from 15% to 50%.

It doesn’t cost that much more
If you spread the investment over the 7 years it takes for a bed to start wearing out, the extra cost is minimal working out at just a few pence a night. This makes buying a bigger bed more than worthwhile if you value your sleep.

It will cost far less than TVs and some other home gadgets
Society today is obsessed with gadgets and people are prepared to spend several hundred pounds on an iphone. Few phones or TVs will last as long as a bed which makes it puzzling why more isn’t spent by people on buying the biggest most comfortable bed

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Will The Clocks Going Back Affect My Sleep?

Will The Clocks Going Back Affect My Sleep?

With autumn now upon us it will soon be time to put the clocks back which will mean our nights will be darker and our early mornings a bit lighter.

While it is only an hour, the change can have a minor disruptive effect on our body clocks with the extra hour in bed and later bed times leaving some of us a bit more tired.

The effect is only likely to last a day or so for those affected but it serves as a reminder that we all need to get enough sleep to function properly in work and all the other activities we take part in during the day or night depending on your lifestyle.

Back in the old days pre industrial revolution people would go to bed a couple of hours after sunset and get up in the morning as the sun arose. It was only following the industrial revolution and the invention of better lighting that people began to stay up later.

Us humans are roughly equally split between being morning people and night owls therefore it will probably be the night owls who welcome the change of clocks in the winter.

Whichever group you happen to belong to it’s important to get the recommended amount of sleep each night to maintain good health.

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