How Long Should You Sleep For?

How Long Should You Sleep For?

Eating your five a day, exercising regularly, brushing your teeth twice a day. These things are all actively considered to be great for your health – but this list is missing one of the most important things of all – sleep.

Getting the right amount of quality sleep is imperative to your overall good health, but it can be difficult to know both how much sleep you should get per night, and then how much sleep you’re actually getting.

Why is Sleep So Important?
We’ve already touched on the value of sleep – it’s tied into a healthy lifestyle. But what effects can poor sleep have on your physical and mental health?

Scientists have found that consistently not getting enough sleep on a recurring basis can have the same impact on your brain performance as though you’ve drunk a significant amount of alcohol. In short, you’re less creative, less logical, and ultimately worse at making decisions when you’re sleep deprived.

On the more physical side of things, some scientists stand by the notion that your brain is cleansed of “harmful plaques and waste” when you sleep. Some feel that there’s an association between sleep and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – and others understand that a lack of sleep can contribute to the development of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

The Perfect Sleep Length
Understanding the perfect amount of sleep varies a little bit depending on your age. With younger members of the family, the amount of sleep they need changes as they grow. The amount of sleep newborns need versus toddlers is radically different. But thankfully, sleep requirements begin to even out once you get to the teenage years.

Typically, the Sleep Foundation believes you should aim for sleeping durations similar to this once you’ve reached, or are nearing adulthood:

● 14 to 17-year-old – between eight and ten hours a night
● 18 to 64-years-old – between seven and nine hours a night
● 65-years-old and upwards – between seven and eight hours a night

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Why Buy A Divan Bed?

Why Buy A Divan Bed?

Divans are not to everyone’s taste, you either love them or you hate them but they do have an enduring popularity. So what has sustained demand over the years and why should you invest in one?

Extra storage
One of the big attractions of a divan bed has always been the extra storage space it provides in the bedroom. If your room is cramped, then you can add a lot of extra capacity with a Divan bed. Divan beds are also designed to fit the measurements of the mattress without adding anything extra to the length and width.

You can personalise them
It is a common misconception that Divan beds all look the same. This isn’t true when you consider that they usually don’t come with a headboard so you are free to choose your own to match your bedroom style.

They tend to be firmer than other bed types
A divan will come with a platform top which means you get some extra padding underneath. So if you prefer a firm mattress under you, then a divan could be the ideal choice.

Whether or not you opt for a divan is of course down to personal taste and they can be more expensive than alternatives. If you want to check out our range of Divan beds for yourself browse through the examples in our store.

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Should You Share Your Bed With a Pet?

Should You Share Your Bed With a Pet?

Sharing your bed with a pet might seem like a good idea, but the decision to do so does have its pros and cons.

The most likely animals people share their beds with tend to be cats or dogs due to the close companionship they offer.

If you let a dog sleep with you in your bed then you may improve bonding with the animal. Stroking dogs is known to be a great stress reliever and it may even help you get a better night’s sleep. However, there are certain drawbacks to allowing your dog to sleep in your bed.

Firstly, like most animals that spend a lot of time outdoors, they will be picking up plenty of dirt. This will then transfer to your bed and bring lots of bacteria with it. The same can be said for cats despite their reputation for being cleaner than their canine counterparts.

It is then necessary to consider the strong territorial instincts of your pets. Cats on dogs in particularly can get very possessive of their territory and once they have got into the habit of sleeping in your room or bed, that habit will be very difficult to break.

Ultimately everyone will have their view on allowing pets into their beds and it really depends on what makes you the most comfortable.

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Is A Memory Foam Mattress Right For You?

Is A Memory Foam Mattress Right For You?

If you’re deciding on which mattress to buy for a new bed the choice can be bewildering. With advances in mattress design taking place all the time those choices are only going to get wider. In recent years memory foam mattresses have become a popular choice and for many people, no other material will do. So is a memory foam mattress right for you?

Memory foam has a history dating back to the 1960s when NASA used it in the production of more comfortable seats for astronauts. Memory foam was able to relieve the pressure of extreme G forces and it was this quality which made the material perfect for mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses are able to mould around your individual body shape and also provide plenty of support so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to a comfortable sleeping position. Also if you suffer from allergies, you may find that memory foam will improve symptoms because you won’t be exposed to dust that gets trapped in spring mattresses.

One potential issue with memory foam is that it tends to trap heat which can make some people feel hot. On the other hand, for people who need the extra warmth, the extra heat is unlikely to be a problem.

When it comes to durability, a memory foam mattress is likely to be just as durable as other leading types of mattress which makes it a good long term investment.

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What Makes An Ideal Guest Bedroom?

What Makes An Ideal Guest Bedroom?

If you have ever stayed at someone’s house and felt like you were sleeping in their store room, you are not alone. Guest bedrooms are often treated as low priority rooms that are cleared out in a hurry ready to welcome guests.

This isn’t ideal for your guests and the chances are they are unlikely to want to come and stay again if they don’t feel comfortable.

So what’s the solution?
The first thing to do is make your guests feel at home when they come to stay. Your guest will want to feel like they have space to move around in and at the very least they will want to be able top put stuff like luggage away somewhere out of sight.

Sleeping in a room next to your luggage and various other items that can’t be put away is a sure fire way to ensure your guest misses home, which might be a good thing depending on who it is!

Joking aside, a guest bedroom should be a calming environment that helps people settle in right away. The right bed and mattress choice is an essential part of this, as is the bedding itself. Mattresses shouldn’t be overly firm or soft so that it will be comfortable for most people’s preferences over a short period of time.

If you are looking for a new bed for your guest bedroom why not pay us a visit?

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Choosing The Right Mattress For A Bad Back

Choosing The Right Mattress For A Bad Back

Even though it is recommended that a mattress should be replaced every 7 years or so most people leave it far longer. Often the decision to buy mattresses is influenced by the sudden onset of back pain when there is the realisation that the bed may be the cause of issues.

Back pain is a common ailment most of us will face at some point in our lives but a lot can be done to avoid it. Keeping active, maintaining a healthy weight and practicing good lifting technique and posture are just some of things you can do to reduce the risk.

Another is to look at the place where you spend a third of your life – in bed.

Beds that lack support can be very problematic for the spine and aggravate any existing injuries you may have.

When it comes to choosing a mattress there is the common myth that firmer is better, but it really depends on your individual anatomy and what you feel most comfortable sleeping on. This is why we always recommend having a lie down on a mattress before buying it just to make sure.

As we have established back pain can have a variety of causes and it is always wise to see a doctor if you have any concerns.

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Choosing The Right Duvet For Spring And Summer

Choosing The Right Duvet For Spring And Summer

Do you find yourself with the same duvet all year round? Then now might be the time to consider buying a duvet fit for spring and summer.

While spring might still seem a long way off as we enter the first weeks of February, warmer days and nights are just around the corner.

A common mistake most people make is to simply use the same winter duvet even when the nights are getting warmer. While being all warm and snug in the winter can help you sleep, sweating under a duvet in milder temperatures will have the opposite effect and can lead to problems such as lack of sleep.

The solution is to either purchase a duvet with a lower tog or consider an all-season duvet that will genuinely be suitable for all seasons.

A good standard tog for warmer seasons is 4.5 while and all-season duvet might combine a 4.5 tog with 9 tog to make a total of 13.5 tog which should be sufficient to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer if you only use the 4.5 tog element.

When it comes to material, cotton is the best choice, synthetic materials can often trap heat which can make a bed very uncomfortable.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Children Bedtime Stories

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Children Bedtime Stories

Reading your children a bed time story is on the pleasures of being a parent but unfortunately the routine can often be broken at the end of a long tiring day or if your children would rather be staring at a tablet or mobile phone.

The following 5 reasons to read bedtime stories should provide you with some extra motivation to keep up the habit
Reading bed time stories is an excellent way to improve your child’s vocabulary by introducing words they may not be familiar with.

It is important to encourage children to use their imagination and there are few better ways of doing this than reading them stories on a regular basis before they go to sleep.

Maintaining a regular sleep routine is important for families with young children and the expectation of a bedtime story makes it easier to convince them that it is time for bed.

You will find that many fairy stories teach children morals which they will find useful when they grow up.

Reading your child a bed time story can also help you as well as your child to unwind. Escaping into the story can help with relaxation and give you a better night’s sleep.

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Why Women Need More Sleep

Why Women Need More Sleep

If you are a woman who never feels like you have had enough sleep while any men that you know seem to get by and have plenty of energy then you are not alone. According to scientific studies, women need more sleep than men on average.

In fact one study by British sleep scientists found that women need an extra 20 minutes of shut eye per night than men and also suffer the additional problem of being less likely to get their full quota of 7-8 hours.

As many studies have shown, a lack of sleep can contribute to a wide variety of ailments and illnesses, therefore it is important for women to consider ways to attain the right level of sleep to avoid it having an impact on health.

Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are just some of the health problems that can be at least partly triggered by long term lack of sleep. With the average female only get around 6 hours per night a significant sleep deficit is often built up over time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways women can ensure they get enough sleep. One is to establish a regular sleep routine. Going to bed on time is particularly important as is avoiding snoozing and caffeine.

Investing in a comfortable mattress can also help, if you are sleeping on the wrong type of mattress for your body then this can have a big impact on how comfortable your bed is.

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Why Snoozing Isn’t A Good Idea

Why Snoozing Isn’t A Good Idea

Getting back into the routine of work after a break can be difficult, particularly when we get used to having a lie in. To counter these effects, people often reach for the snooze button so they can try and recreate that feeling of not having to get up right away.

It could also be said that snoozing has never been so good with unlimited snooze times on phones and alarm clocks to help indulge the habit. Unfortunately, while snoozing might feel good, like any other pleasurable activity it has its drawbacks.

Scientists who have studied the effects of snoozing on our brains and bodies have found that it can hinder rather than help us tackle the day ahead once we have managed to make it out from under the covers.

This is because our sleeping patterns are much better when they are consistent. If you start to meddle with the normal sleep and wake times, this is where problems with sleep can begin.

When we sleep the body prepares itself by dropping the core temperature and other physiological changes that can be disrupted when we dip in and out of sleep while snoozing. This can make us even more groggy when we do eventually get up and mess with all sorts of things like our appetites and future wake up times.

Getting a good night’s sleep should help you avoid needing to reach for the snooze button so it is important to make sure everything is set up right to help you get your full 7 to eight hours including a good quality mattress.

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