5 bedroom interior design trends for 2020

5 bedroom interior design trends for 2020

Bored of your bedroom’s outdated décor? Here are five bedroom design trends to watch in 2020.

If you’re thinking about making over your bedroom this year, we’ve got some fresh interior design tips to inspire you. 2020 is set to be a year for embracing elegant, natural and calming décor to create a relaxing bedroom that is right on-trend.

Hushed and natural colour palettes and hues

In 2020 bright and dark colours are out and calming, natural palettes and hues are in. Think beige, cool blue, sage green and burnt dusty reds for a bedroom that is relaxing, sophisticated and stylish.


Wallpaper has been a re-emerging interior design trend for several years now and looks set to keep gaining popularity in 2020. Geometric and botanical wallpaper designs in earthy colours are set to be big this year. Apply wallpaper to your whole bedroom or to just one feature wall depending how daring you feel.

Multi-functional and modular furniture

Designers and TV personalities like Marie Kondo have made minimalism trendy. Multi-functional and modular furniture can help us to declutter our bedrooms and create the tidy, organised and spacious interiors we dream of. Think purpose-built, bespoke, modular wardrobes and ottoman beds with useful built-in storage.

Natural textiles

As many of us search for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and live more sustainably, natural and eco-friendly textiles are becoming a popular addition to the bedroom. In 2020 we expect to see more bedrooms kitted out with curtains, throws and bed linen in natural cotton and woven rugs, plant pots and storage baskets in jute, seagrass and rattan.


What better way to complement a natural colour palette and eco-friendly textiles than by bringing nature itself inside? Add elegant trailing plants to high shelves and large leafy plants to the bedside for a bedroom that is brimming with life. Bringing plants indoors also has the added benefit of improving your bedroom’s air quality.

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3 great excuses to invest in a new bed in 2020

3 great excuses to invest in a new bed in 2020

Hankering after a new bed but not sure that you can justify the expense? Here are three great excuses to invest in a new bed in 2020.

Sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing, and the average person spends around 25 years of their life sleeping.

With so much of our lives spent asleep, it’s well worth investing in a bed that is comfortable and that you enjoy spending time in.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your existing bed, here are three great excuses to make 2020 the year you invest in a new one.

You plan to redecorate your bedroom

If you’re planning on redecorating your bedroom this year, you may find that your existing bed doesn’t fit in with your new décor. A new bed can completely makeover your bedroom, particularly if you go for a different style. If your bedroom is feeling cluttered and lacking storage, a new ottoman bed could be just what you need. If you want to add some elegance to your bedroom, a decorative metal bed frame could provide the wow factor.

You want to improve your health and wellbeing

Sleep is vital to our mental and physical health and wellbeing, helping the body to heal, repair and recharge itself. So, if your new year’s resolution was to become healthier, a new bed could play a vital part in this. Throughout your life the type of mattress, pillow and bed you require to get a good night’s sleep is likely to change too. If you have begun to suffer aches and pains upon waking up, then you may benefit from a memory foam mattress or a reflex foam mattress. If you are getting older or suffering from a health condition, you may find that you can get a better night’s sleep with an adjustable bed.

Your existing bed is very old

Whilst a new bed or mattress is a long-term investment, you can’t expect either to last forever. On average, you will find that most bed frames and mattresses are ready to be replaced after eight to ten years. If your mattress has become uneven or uncomfortable, or your bed frame is squeaking, rickety or worn, then it’s probably served its time.

For help or advice choosing a new bed, speak to our team here at M6 beds by giving us a call on 01270 879 379.

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4 reasons to make your child’s bedroom a tv-free zone

If you’ve been considering giving in to your child’s constant nagging for a television in their bedroom, we’ve got 4 reasons to think again.

In today’s modern age, children’s bedrooms are often a hub of screens and technology. But have you stopped to consider the impact that having a television in the bedroom could have on your child’s health and wellbeing?

Here are four reasons to think twice about putting a television in your child’s bedroom.

Encourage them to do other things

In today’s technology-rich, constantly connected world, kids are spending more time than ever before glued to screens. Kids without televisions and other gadgets in their bedrooms are forced to find alternative things to do like read, learn a new skill, play outside, or do something creative.

Prevent them from staying up late watching tv

If your child has a television in their bedroom it may become difficult to regulate what time they’re watching it until. Children who regularly stay up late watching TV can find it difficult to concentrate the following day as they become tired and irritable.

Reduce blue light before bed

Numerous studies have concluded that looking at screens before bed can disrupt our natural sleep patterns. This is because electronic screens give off blue light which causes our body to suppress the production of melatonin. Melatonin is very important for helping our bodies to regulate our sleep/wake cycle and without melatonin we may struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Monitor what they’re watching

If your child has a TV in their bedroom you don’t only relinquish control of when they’re watching it, but the content that they have access to as well. Children with televisions in their bedroom could easily gain access to inappropriate content such as very scary, violent or sexual programmes or films. Watching something inappropriate for their age could disturb or confuse them or cause nightmares.

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Preparing your guest bedroom for Christmas

Preparing your guest bedroom for Christmas

Christmas is a time for visiting and entertaining family and friends. If you’re hosting guests over the festive period, use the tips in this blog to create a welcoming guest bedroom.

If your guest bedroom has been lying dormant for a while and is feeling a little neglected, leave yourself plenty of time to spruce it up before the guests descend at Christmas.

Here are our top 5 tips for giving your guest bedroom a festive makeover.

Test the mattress

If you know that the mattress in your guest bedroom is old, it’s a good idea to sleep in the bed for one night yourself or at least lay down and test the mattress to check that it is still comfortable.

Some mattresses may simply need to be turned over or given a good hoover and airing, whilst others may require replacing to ensure that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep.

New bedding

Make sure that your guest bed has a suitably warm winter duvet on it to keep guests warm during the night. Investing in a new duvet cover set can instantly makeover a bedroom, choose a Christmassy design to give the room a special festive feel.

Christmas decorations

Adding a couple of Christmas decorations can make the room feel lived in and cosy for guests at Christmas.

Festively-scented candle

Lighting a candle with a Christmassy scent like pine, cinnamon or orange can help to get rid of any stale smells and provide guests with a warm welcome.

Add extra blankets

Over the Christmas period the weather can get particularly cold and different people are comfortable sleeping at different temperatures. Adding two or three blankets to the end of your guest bed allows guests to layer up as much or as little as they like to achieve a comfortable sleeping temperature.

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Tips for helping children sleep more soundly on Christmas Eve

Tips for helping children sleep more soundly on Christmas Eve

For many children around the world, Christmas Eve is the most exciting and magical night of the year.

As they settle down beneath their sheets to await the arrival of Father Christmas, his reindeer, and a stack of presents, it’s no wonder that many excited children struggle to drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Here are five tips for helping your kids sleep more soundly on Christmas Eve and wake up feeling refreshed on Christmas Day.

Get plenty of fresh air

Go for a walk and get plenty of fresh air somewhere where the kids can run around and let off steam to help tire them out on Christmas Eve. A trip to the park or a brisk family walk in the countryside or a local wood or forest can also be a lovely way to spend time together.

Hide the sugar

At Christmas the cupboards are usually bursting with tins of chocolates, packs of biscuits and other sugary treats. Make an effort to put all the treats away after lunch on Christmas Eve to help prevent a sugar-induced high keeping the kids buzzing all night long.

Turn off the screens

The blue light that technology emits can have a negative effect on our ability to switch off and get to sleep at night. On Christmas Eve, instead of gathering around the television or a games console, instigate a screen-free family games night to help children wind down before bed.

Stick to routine

This one can be difficult at Christmas, but wherever your plans take you, try to stick to your kids’ normal bedtime routines as much as possible. If you can keep them going to bed and waking at roughly the same time as usual, then it can help to prevent them getting overtired and the ensuing bedtime dramas.

Wind down and relax

Christmas is a magical time of year full of trips and activities which can leave children feeling overtired and hyperactive by the end of the day. Have several screen-free, wind-down activities planned for evenings when the kids are bouncing off the walls to help them to calm down ready for bed.

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Tips for staying warmer in bed this winter

Tips for staying warmer in bed this winter

Creating a warm and comfortable sleeping environment is key to achieving a restful night’s sleep.

Once the winter months come around, you’ll soon notice the chill in the air last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

If you regularly find yourself feeling cold in bed then it could be having a negative impact on your sleep quality, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Once you climb into bed you should quickly begin to feel warm and cosy, and if you don’t, then it’s time to make some changes to your bed and sleeping habits.

Here are our top tips for staying warmer in bed this winter.

Invest in a memory foam mattressMemory foam mattresses mould to the shape of the body, relieving pressure points for a more comfortable night’s sleep. The foam inside a memory foam mattress absorbs and retains body heat in order to change shape, creating a warm and cosy sleeping environment.

Bed socks – Sleeping in bed socks not only keeps your feet feeling toasty, it can also help to regulate your external body temperature, helping you to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Layer up with blankets – Layer up the blankets on top of your duvet to trap air and insulate your bed. Using multiple blankets also allows you to add and remove layers depending on the temperature. Choose blankets in wool or fleece rather than synthetic materials for extra warmth.

Hot water bottle – Fed up with climbing into a cold bed? Fill a hot water bottle with hot water and pop it under the duvet to warm the bed up before you climb in.

Winter Duvet – When the cold weather hits, switch to a warmer winter duvet with a higher tog or a down, wool or hollow fibre filling.

According to the Sleep Council, the ideal temperature for the bedroom is a cool 16–18 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to create a sleep environment that is too hot as this can cause restlessness.

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Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

When choosing a new bed, the first decision you will need to make is whether to opt for a divan or a bed frame.

Not only will your new bed affect your quality of sleep, it will also be the main focal point in our bedroom, so taking the time to make the right decision is very important.

We’ve put together a few key points about divans and bed frames to help you to choose the option most suited to both your space and your requirements.

Divan beds

A divan is a bed with a solid, fabric base featuring in-built storage. Once considered old-fashioned, the modern divan now comes in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit any taste and home interior.

Storage – The main benefit of a divan bed is that it maximises space in the bedroom by providing storage space under the bed.

Size – Divans usually take up slightly less space than a bed with a frame as they are only the size of the mattress.

Headboard – Headboards can be easily added and updated as required, changing the bed’s appearance without the expense of buying a whole new bed.

Here at M6 Beds we specialise in divan beds and divan bases and can manufacture a divan to suit your specific needs.

Bed frames

Bed frames are generally more classic in appearance than divans and may be the preferred option when extra storage is not required.

Variety of styles – From wood and metal, to fabric and leather, bed frames are available in plenty of different colours, styles and materials, allowing you to pick an option that complements your bedroom’s décor perfectly.

Appearance – Bed frames are widely considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and stylish than divan beds. From beautiful natural wood, to elegant, decorative metalwork, bed frames are available in a range of attractive finishes.

Price range – Available to suit a wide variety of budgets, it’s possible to get a basic bed frame very cheaply.

At M6 Beds we stock bed frames in all shapes and sizes including wooden, metal, upholstered and leather designs.

For help and advice choosing your new bed, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379.

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How to dispose of your old mattress

How to dispose of your old mattress

If you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a comfortable new mattress for your bed, your next job is to get rid of the old one.

Unless you happen to own a van or know someone else with one, your mattress is probably going to be a bit bulky and heavy to dispose of without some help.

Some people who aren’t sure what to do with their old mattresses resort to breaking out the handsaw, chopping it up, burning the parts that they can and throwing the rest in the bin. Not only is this time-consuming, it’s also bad for the environment and the fumes from burning could be unsafe, so we suggest using one of the following methods instead.

Buy your new mattress from M6 Beds

The simplest way to dispose of your mattress is to buy your new mattress from M6 Beds! When you buy from us, we offer a like-for-like disposal service. So, if you buy a new mattress, providing your old mattress is dry and in a hygienic condition, we will take it away and dispose of it for free.


If your mattress is in good condition and isn’t too old you may be able to sell it online to someone local using a platform like Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.


Not bothered about getting money for your old mattress?  Mattresses in good condition can also be donated to charities like The British Heart Foundation and the British Red Cross.

Local council

For a fee, you can usually arrange for your local council to pick up your old mattress. If you want your mattress to be recycled, check with them how they will dispose of it as not all councils recycle them.


If your local council doesn’t recycle old mattresses, then you may be able to find another service locally that will pick up and recycle your mattress for a fee.

Find out more about the mattresses we stock here at M6 Beds by giving our team a call on 01270 879 379.

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Study finds link between sleep quality in teens and social media usage

Study finds link between sleep quality in teens and social media usage

A study has found that teenagers who report high social media usage are more at risk of suffering sleep problems.

Today’s teenagers live in a constantly connected world where smartphones and social media play a huge part in their social lives. But what impact is all that screen time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having on their sleep and wellbeing?

The University of Glasgow carried out a study on 12,000 teenagers aged between 13 and 15 and the findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

The teenagers were asked to report on how much time they spent on social media each day and what their typical sleep habits were like.

Results for social media usage were as follows

  • 7% reported low usage (less than an hour).
  • 6% reported average usage (one to three hours).
  • 14% reported high usage (three to five hours).
  • 21% reported very high usage (more than five hours).

The study found that of the teenagers who reported very high social media usage were 70% more likely to fall asleep after 11pm on school days and after midnight on weekends and holidays than average users.

Those with high or very high usage were also more likely to wake up later and have problems getting back to sleep if they woke up during the night.

Authors of the study noted that late bedtimes and disturbed sleep can be particularly damaging for teenagers as they can be linked to ‘poorer academic and emotional outcomes.’

The blue light emitted by screens can have a negative affect on the body clock and hormones, so looking at phones, tablets and laptops is not recommended close to bedtime.

Teenagers not getting enough sleep or having problems falling or staying asleep should keep electronic devices like smartphones out of their bedrooms to help improve their sleep patterns.

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Top tips for bunk bed safety

Top tips for bunk bed safety

Most children would choose bunk beds over a regular bed, but are they a safe option for your little ones?

Children love bunk beds, they’re fun to sleep in and ideal for having friends over to stay. The good news for parents is that they’re also completely safe, providing they have been bought from a reputable business and are used responsibly.

Here are our top tips for keeping children safe on bunk beds.

Always buy from a reputable business

Reputable businesses should always sell bunk beds that are durable, safe and conform to the legal British Standard.

Take care to assemble correctly

Bunk beds usually arrive flat packed and will require assembly at home. Make sure that you always put bunk beds together carefully according to instructions and safety recommendations. Never leave off any parts like guard rails.

Don’t allow children to play on them

Most bunk bed-related accidents occur when children are playing on them or otherwise misusing them. Always stress to children that their bunk beds are for sleeping only and should not be climbed on.

Don’t allow children under 6 on the top bunk

Whilst the bottom bunk is safe for younger children, experts recommend that the top bunk is only used by children over the age of six.

Use a night light

Leaving a night light switched on close by to the bunk bed’s ladder can help children to climb up and down safely during the night.

Never hang things from the top bunk

Never allow children to hang clothing or other items from the guard rails on the bunk bed as it could strangle them if they got tangled in it.

At M6 Beds we stock a selection of high quality children’s bunk beds and mattresses, to find out more about the models we have available, give our team a call on 01270 879 379.

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