The Benefits of a Weekend Lie In

The Benefits of a Weekend Lie In

Ah the weekend lie in. This can be nothing more than a dream for parents or those with work commitments but if you can get away with a lie in at the weekend can bring many benefits. So let’s look at some of the obvious and not so obvious benefits of a few extra hours spent under the duvet.

Recharging your batteries
The working week can be hectic. If you’re in University lectures and coursework can take a tool on our brains. So why not just grab some extra hours in bed where you don’t have to think about exams or missed deadlines.

Improve your energy levels
For some people Friday nights can be late nights leaving next to no energy for the following day. Having a lie in can restore those energy levels and help you stay out later on Saturday nights or have more energy for sporting activities.

Spending quality time with family
It’s nice when all the family can enjoy a lie in without the distractions of TVs and mobile phones and having to rush around and get ready for school.

A lie in wouldn’t be a proper lie in without a comfy bed, so why not check out our range of beds?

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Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Or “have you made your bed this morning” might conjure up flashbacks of childhood when parents were eager to teach us how we should keep everything tidy. So as adults is there any point in keeping up this tradition and making the bed every morning?

We can all come up with plenty of excuses for not completing this routine task such as it wasn’t our day to make the bed or my partner doesn’t bother so why should I? Yet making the bed in the morning isn’t just another boring activity without any benefits, you may even find that you day and life is better when you do.

The first task of the day ticked off

There is a lot to be said for starting the day with a tidy up. Making the bed transforms your bedroom even if that is the only thing you do in the morning. Plus, you will have the satisfaction that you have completed this first task before the day has even got started. The more completed tasks we achieve the more motivated we become.

Your bed will be cleaner
You will change your clothes most days but what about the place where you spend 8 hours of your day? Dead skin cells and dust can all build up and sometimes trigger allergies. Shaking out your sheets and changing them regularly will leave your bed cleaner. In summer too all sorts of insects can end up in the sheets of an unmade bed.

That sense of satisfaction when you go to bed
If you are heading up to an unmade bed night after night it can be quite depressing. An unmade bed isn’t the most appealing prospect at the end of a long working day. So why not get the task out of the way in the morning and give yourself something to look forward to?

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Bunk Bed Safety Tips

Bunk Bed Safety Tips

If you are considering buying a bunk bed you will no doubt be thinking of all the benefits. Kids love them and they are a great space saver. They also provide more room for those all-important sleep overs if bedrooms are small and you have difficulty accommodating your children’s friends. So, it all sounds like a win win right?

The answer is yes it certainly is as long as you have purchased your bunk bed from a company that has paid attention to all the safety features a bunk bed should have. Even if this is the case, however, here are some tips to reduce risks when your kids playing and climbing up on bunk beds.

Always look for the British Standard
Bunk beds should always conform to British standards for safety. The number you are looking for is BS EN 747:1993

Guard rails are a must
The top bunk should have guard rails to prevent children falling off the top bunk while playing or sleeping.

Follow all the safety instructions
Furniture tends to arrive flat packed for mum or dad to assemble. This opens up all sorts of possibilities that the bed may not be put together correctly or corners cut. Remember all the parts are there for a reason and if any are missing inform the manufacturer.

Don’t allow kids younger than 6 to sleep on the top bunk
It is recommended that kids only kids aged 6 and above should use the top bunk.

Don’t allow kids to play on the top bunk
Young children often push the boundaries when they are playing and if they are doing this at height, all sorts of accidents are possible.

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Tips On Getting Your Bedroom Right For Dreaming

Tips On Getting Your Bedroom Right For Dreaming

Dreaming can be a pleasure when the dreams are good ones. You will wake up more relaxed and positive about the day ahead and even draw inspiration as some famous artists and thinkers past and present do on a regular basis.

Dreaming however doesn’t come easy to many people and even those that can have dreams will find that certain conditions are required to have the kind of lucid dreams that bring all the positive effects.

The first place to start when creating the right conditions to dream is the bedroom. So your bedroom needs to be at least comfortable enough for you to drift into REM sleep long enough. This isn’t going to be easy if you find yourself waking up several times a night.

Trying to sleep in a double bed with a fidgety partner is probably going to harm your chances so buying a larger bed could be all you need to do to achieve more REM sleep.

Secondly you will need to making the room as dark as possible. Try thicker curtains to stop light from sleep lights filtering in. If your sleep is regularly disturbed by noises, try earplugs.

The bedroom air temperature should also be kept cool enough to allow you to sleep comfortably but not so cold you get woken up by draughts.

In preparation for bedroom try to relax and don’t take work to bed with you. All of this will not only help you dream more but also get a better night’s sleep.

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How To Get Sleep Fit This January

How To Get Sleep Fit This January

The New Year for most people means a fresh start. This is commonly the case when it comes to fitness, eating, drinking and even marriages but what about sleep? Does anyone even consider this equally important part of our existence?

If you do find yourself struggling when someone asks you what your New Year’s resolution is you could always say to sleep better. If the person asking happens to find that funny, you can say with confidence that it’s the best place to start when you are trying to improve most areas of your life.

Getting enough sleep means you will probably eat less. Science has shown that we tend to eat more when sleep deprived and at least some of this overeating is done when we’re spending more time awake at night. Munching on bowls of crisps late at night is never good for the waist line.

It is also a fact that sleep is a vital component when it comes to recovery from exercise. Getting enough sleep time is vital to maintaining fitness and building muscle.

The cause and effect relationship is less clear when it comes to marriages and drinking but the latter will certainly have an impact on the quality of sleep. You may even find that you become more tolerant of your husband or wife if you are not too tired to put up with them.

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How A Dry January Can Help You Sleep Better

How A Dry January Can Help You Sleep Better

You may already be craving alcohol if you are attempting to go through a dry January but there are plenty of reasons to stick with what has become an annual tradition of abstinence.

A common misconception about alcohol is that it helps rather than hinders your sleep. How many times have you been out on a session only to end up falling asleep on the sofa? It’s easy to see why how we can be misled into thinking alcohol is good for sleep. Some people even rely on it and there is no doubt alcohol has this effect but this is outweighed by plenty of drawbacks.

These include disturbed REM sleep. REM sleep is important for the brain and if you are not getting enough of it, your memory and mental functioning can suffer. The problem with alcohol is it will put you to sleep, but this is unlikely to be a deep sleep.

Over indulgence can also lead to hangovers and stomach problems which can also get you up at night. Add to this the diuretic effect alcohol has and you could find yourself getting up several times during the night.

The best thing you can do for a good night’s sleep is cut out alcohol altogether or at least drink in moderation to limit the negative impacts.

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2019 Bedroom Trends

2019 Bedroom Trends

The bedroom like other rooms in the house will see an evolution in design in the coming months, so what can we expect to see this year?

Luxurious fabrics, fixtures and fittings
One thing we are still likely to see in 2019 is an abundance of luxury fabrics which has been an enduring trend in recent years. From velvet headboards, cushions and curtains, a style influenced by the bedrooms of the wealthy celebrities where no expense is spared on luxury.

Four posters are due for a comeback
Nothing says luxury bedroom more than an elegant four poster and beds that make a statement are going to be the must have in 2019. Beds are of course the centrepiece of any bedroom and designers are constantly looking for ways to make them more than just furniture to sleep on. From tv beds to innovative storage beds, we will again see plenty of new models hitting the market to tempt buyers into changing outdated beds this year.

Design with a conscience
Alongside the trend for luxury we will also see the growing influence of eco conscious design with liberal use of natural materials and colours. With the future of the planet now firmly in the spotlight people are becoming more aware of how materials we often take for granted can have a significant environmental impact.

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Will Your Guests Be Sleeping Comfortably This Christmas?

Will Your Guests Be Sleeping Comfortably This Christmas?

Christmas is a time for families and friends to get together and celebrate. Often this can mean staying over for a night or two in the spare room or perhaps a sofa bed and even the floor if sleeping arrangements are not thought through in advance.

While many of us will have slept on the floor in a friend’s house in our younger days, doing so often means getting a poor night’s sleep and waking up with aches and pains. Even if you get to sleep on the couch for a night, resting your head against the arm of a sofa can leave you with a stiff neck and a headache in the morning which can only exacerbate a hangover after several drinks the night before.

So, if you want to encourage your guests to visit you every year it is important to consider their comfort when staying over. When space is at a premium this can of course be difficult. You won’t want a bed taking up space if it is only used once or twice a year.

The solution to this of course is to look for a bed that can double up in purpose. Sofa beds are the obvious choice allowing you to combine the seating most rooms require with the options of a bed when needed. Day beds are also worth considering as are trundle beds which have castors allowing them to be transported easily between rooms when not in use.

If you need to upgrade your sleeping arrangements this year call in to our store to view the beds we have on offer.

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Preparing Your Bedroom For The Perfect Christmas

Preparing Your Bedroom For The Perfect Christmas

Do you remember the excitement of waking up on Christmas day morning and opening those presents?

While most people put their Christmas decorations up in the lounge hall and outside the house, the bedroom is often left out. Yet there is no reason why the bedroom can’t be decorated for Christmas and you may feel more Christmassy when waking up as a result.

Christmas stockings
Christmas stockings are one of the more traditional ways Christmas is brought into the bedroom and in some households, this is where the presents are kept as opposed to under the tree downstairs. If you belong to the kind of family that likes a lie in on Christmas morning then a large Christmas stocking in the bedroom will save you having to get up and go downstairs for your gifts.

Christmas tree
While you may not have the space for a full-size natural tree, there’s nothing wrong with having a Christmas tree in the bedroom as well as in other parts of the house. Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree and you will find them in all colours suitable to match any décor.

Christmas textiles and accessories
Some people are put off buying things like cushions just to use for one week of the year, but having a Christmas theme in the bedroom will certainly make it feel more like Christmas and you can always use what you buy next year.

If we don’t see you at the store soon Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Lumpy Pillow? Why Pillows Are Important for Your Sleep

Lumpy Pillow? Why Pillows Are Important for Your Sleep

There’s nothing like resting your head on a nice comfortable pillow but if your billow is starting to wear out you may be noticing stiff necks and headaches become a fixture every morning. So how do you give yourself a better start to the day? Find out why pillows are so important for your sleep.

People often agonise over which mattress to choose but they are only part of the equation when it comes to a more comfortable sleeping environment. While a mattress will certainly help put the body in correct alignment during sleep, the pillow is responsible for supporting the head and neck, which are also important parts of the body!

The neck, for example, contains nearly a quarter of the vertebrae in your spine and it is often the misalignment in these areas that leads to all sorts of pain even at points you wouldn’t normally associate with problems in the neck such as headaches and back pain.

Pillows like anything else you can buy for the home vary in quality. You can buy a cheap pillow quite easily but in general the cheaper the pillow the worse it is going to be quality wise. Pillows can be filled with synthetic foam, down, synthetic fibres or feathers and all will have their merits. The important thing with any pillow is that it provides adequate support for the neck.

Choice of pillow will largely be down to personal preference. Some people prefer feathers while others prefer synthetic fillings due to having allergies.

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