Here at M6 Beds we don’t bombard you with needless add-ons or extras which won’t benefit you or your new bed. Our condensed range enables us to show the very best quality accessories with great value for money. See below for further information…


It is essential you protect your new mattress to keep it in the very best condition. Not only do they help keep it clean, they protect against dust mites and other nasties which can live in mattresses. Waterproof protectors are also a great way to ensure your mattress stays clean and avoid ruining it with any accidents!

Please note, in the unlikely event your mattress develops a fault within its guarantee period, if it hasn’t been protected properly protected and is stained it could invalidate any guarantee and therefore not be covered. Prices start from £17.99 for a polycotton protector and £24.99 for a Waterproof protector.


People often forget about the importance of supporting the neck with a quality pillow when shopping for beds; however, it’s just as important for rest and recovery during sleep to ensure the best sleeping support for both your neck and back! At M6 Beds we’ve got a brilliant range of pillows taken from a range of fantastic suppliers to give you the best cross-section and choice of pillows to compliment your new bed!

Whether it’s a traditional feather or down pillow; a new-age memory foam or latex pillow, or even a classic favourite of a lovely Egyptian cotton or Microdown pillow you are sure to be able to find a pillow to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

Our selection caters for all tastes – firmer and softer pillows, pillows for side, back or even front sleepers too! Pillows start from £19.99 and we carry a large selection from stock – so cure your morning neck ache and visit us at M6 Beds today!