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Buying a new bed or mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make and ensuring you pick the right one to suit your individual needs is incredibly important. There are so many different types of mattress, places to buy them from and varieties is feels and components, it can feel like a complete minefield!

Here at M6 Beds our aim to guide you through this minefield, showing you beds which best suit your needs, your required level of comfort and pressure relief required to get that restful night sleep. We've compiled a list of 'common mistakes' to avoid when mattress shopping to ensure you choose your perfect bed.

Buying Without Testing

There is no 'one size fits all' mattress and you must try different mattresses to see which one suit your needs. Trying the bed by imitating your sleeping position at home is an effective was to find the right one (i.e. if you're a side or back sleeper). We've got over 160 beds on display - so there is no excuse for not trying them!!

Buying a Bed Which is 'Too Firm'

Don't believe the myth of 'the firmer is better' - having a bed which is too firm can cause painful pressure points and reduce your quality of sleep by constantly tossing and turning. We look at suggesting mattresses which contour to the curves of your body buy using pocket springs to achieve ultimate pressure relief.

Falling for Outrageous Price Reductions

Here at M6 Beds you'll never see us advertising beds at 40%-70% off. These prices are often massively inflated in order to pull you in by making you think you're getting a terrific deal, when in fact there is little discount on the actual retail price. We believe in providing genuine service at genuine prices which allow our customers to browse and compare products as easily as possible.

Buying Only Based Off a Friend's Experience

While personal recommendations are great and well worth your consideration, a bed is a very personal purchase and the level of support which suits your friend may not be suitable for yourself - so just bear in mind every person has their own individual contours.

We do however suggest you ask friends about the experience of the company's they have used when buying beds i.e. did they charge for delivery? Did they have a good selection? Where the sales staff knowledgeable? Read our reviews here to find out more about our service!

Buying on 'Brand Name' Only

Buying a 'brand' you have heard if (i.e. Silentnight) can be a great way of being confident in your purchase knowing you have invested in an established brand, and researching these companies is fairly easy as there is lots of information about them on the internet. However, there are literally hundreds of different mattress and bed manufactures in the UK - this means competition is ultra-high and some fantastic savings can be made by investing is a slightly 'lesser-known/ brand name - without sacrificing construction quality.

At M6 Beds we've got over 160 beds from lots of different suppliers (big and smaller brands) - this will allow you to make simple comparisons and give you a well-rounded idea of which bed will be best for you!

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