Base Options

Platform Top

Ideal for those looking for a ‘firmer’ feel, without compromising on comfort. A platform top base gives a solid foundation to support any type of mattress and is the most standard divan base.

Sprung Top

A solid timber frame topped with a layer with open coil or (for the higher end models) pocket springs. We suggest a sprung-topped base for heavier, hand-made pocket mattresses to give the sumptuous feel of luxury and increase the lifespan of the mattress. Additionally, it’s an effective way to achieve the ultimate soft feel!

Reduced Height

For those who struggle to get in and out of higher beds; or for a more contemporary look, we are able to reduce the base down to as little as 6”. This flexibility enables us to achieve the perfect sleeping solution for every individual.

Electrically Adjustable

These bases are topped with adjustable solid beech slats split into 5 sections to allow for total movement, absolute comfort and support through the power of a motorised mechanism. Supported with an independent controller, the user can find their optimum sleeping position; even adding an additional massage unit for ultimate luxury.

VAT exemption is also available for persons with any disabilities with which these types of beds can aid them – for further information click here