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Why Women Need More Sleep

Why Women Need More Sleep

If you are a woman who never feels like you have had enough sleep while any men that you know seem to get by and have plenty of energy then you are not alone. According to scientific studies, women need more sleep than men on average.

In fact one study by British sleep scientists found that women need an extra 20 minutes of shut eye per night than men and also suffer the additional problem of being less likely to get their full quota of 7-8 hours.

As many studies have shown, a lack of sleep can contribute to a wide variety of ailments and illnesses, therefore it is important for women to consider ways to attain the right level of sleep to avoid it having an impact on health.

Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are just some of the health problems that can be at least partly triggered by long term lack of sleep. With the average female only get around 6 hours per night a significant sleep deficit is often built up over time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways women can ensure they get enough sleep. One is to establish a regular sleep routine. Going to bed on time is particularly important as is avoiding snoozing and caffeine.

Investing in a comfortable mattress can also help, if you are sleeping on the wrong type of mattress for your body then this can have a big impact on how comfortable your bed is.

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Why Snoozing Isn’t A Good Idea

Why Snoozing Isn’t A Good Idea

Getting back into the routine of work after a break can be difficult, particularly when we get used to having a lie in. To counter these effects, people often reach for the snooze button so they can try and recreate that feeling of not having to get up right away.

It could also be said that snoozing has never been so good with unlimited snooze times on phones and alarm clocks to help indulge the habit. Unfortunately, while snoozing might feel good, like any other pleasurable activity it has its drawbacks.

Scientists who have studied the effects of snoozing on our brains and bodies have found that it can hinder rather than help us tackle the day ahead once we have managed to make it out from under the covers.

This is because our sleeping patterns are much better when they are consistent. If you start to meddle with the normal sleep and wake times, this is where problems with sleep can begin.

When we sleep the body prepares itself by dropping the core temperature and other physiological changes that can be disrupted when we dip in and out of sleep while snoozing. This can make us even more groggy when we do eventually get up and mess with all sorts of things like our appetites and future wake up times.

Getting a good night’s sleep should help you avoid needing to reach for the snooze button so it is important to make sure everything is set up right to help you get your full 7 to eight hours including a good quality mattress.

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The Best Colour Paint For Your Bedroom

The Best Colour Paint For Your Bedroom

People often choose colours they like for the bedroom rather than what may be the best colours to choose for what needs to be a soothing environment. So what are the best colours to paint your walls and what are the colours to avoid?

While it is great to experiment with colour in any setting, it does require some skill in interior design to get it right. Most of us take colours for granted, but they can actually have a big influence on how we feel and out moods. This makes it all the more important to get it right in the bedroom which is the place where we start and finish each day.

Certain colours make a bedroom feel particularly soothing such as blue. According to experts, lighter shades of blue soothe the mind but avoid darker shades which are likely to have the opposite effect.

Delicate shades of pink and apricot also have a similar soothing effect to light blue and they tend to make a room feel warmer too.

Colours to avoid are brilliant white and yellow. The former is not something we are attuned to in the natural world while yellow is a colour that makes us pay attention which can leave us feeling a bit irritable side in the mornings.

Once you have opted for your wall colour you may need to invest in some complementary bed coverings and cushions to complete your new colour scheme.

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Circadian Rhythm Explained

Circadian Rhythm Explained

We might all think we are on a higher plane than other animals but we are just as much at the mercy of our environment as the next creature. Time has the most profound impact on all of us and one way time manifests itself directly on our bodies is via something called the Circadian Rhythm which is essentially our internal body clock.

The critical function of the Circadian rhythm is to tell our bodies when to rest and go to sleep and when to wake up. Each Circadian cycle lasts around 24 hours and as long as everything is working well it shouldn’t cause us any problems.

Unfortunately, in today’s world our Circadian cycles can be disrupted by anything from long haul flights to staring at mobile phone screens before bed time before bed time.

Circadian rhythms are strongly influenced by the amount of light our eyes are exposed to particularly the natural kind. This is why when it goes dark we tend to feel more tired. If the transition between day and night is disrupted in some way then this can lead to illnesses such as depression and place other stresses on our bodies and minds.

The relatively simple way to keep your body clock in good working order is to spend time out doors so that the eyes are exposed to plenty of natural light and keep regular bed times to get your body used to shutting down for sleep.

It is also worth paying attention to the environment we are sleeping in. Is your bed comfortable for example? Is the mattress suitable for your sleep position?

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