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Why Being On The Phone At Bed Time Is Bad For You

Why Being On The Phone At Bed Time Is Bad For You

You may have heard that gazing at your smartphone at bed time is bad for you but understanding how a simple phone screen can interfere with our body’s natural rhythms is another matter.

So how does a looking at your phone at bedtime impact on your sleep?

The first thing to look at is the way we increasingly use smart phones to organise our lives from work to keeping in touch with friends on social media. This often leads to the temptation of checking emails and status updates before going to sleep. A quick glance through social posts and work emails can often turn into hours of time that could be spent getting a good night’s sleep.

Even if this screen time is reduced smart phones can damage sleep in other ways. The way to achieve a good night’s sleep is to prepare an environment that promotes restfulness. This includes the low natural light, which is something a bright mobile phone screen acts against.

Mobile phone screen displays use LED lighting which is bright blue and while this sort of light can actually be beneficial in making us more alert during the day, this type of light has the opposite impact at bed time. It also suppresses an important sleep hormone called melatonin which can lead to trouble sleeping and even insomnia in some people.

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Which Mattresses Are Best For Allergy Sufferers?

Which Mattresses Are Best For Allergy Sufferers?

Allergies can be uncomfortable and distressing in the daytime. At night however they can also have the added potential to keep you awake while dealing with runny noses, breathing difficulties, itchy eyes and so on.

The specific allergens that cause reactions in the bedroom can be hard to detect and sometimes symptoms can be down to seasonal allergies to tree pollen and hayfever. If symptoms persist all year round, however, then it is likely that something in the bedroom is the cause.

That something is often house dust mites and if that wasn’t enough to make you feel even more uncomfortable, it is actually house dust mite faeces that tend to be the cause. These pests you can’t even see with the naked eye are impossible to get rid of entirely and no doubt have their purpose in the eco-system.

Fortunately there are things you can do to alleviate the problem and cut down on the effects. This might include investing in a hypoallergenic mattress and regularly hoovering and cleaning bedding to ensure it is kept fresh and free from as many of the creatures as possible.

If you require more advice on choosing the right mattress, please contact us today or visit our store.

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Myths About Sleep

Myths About Sleep

Sleep is something we spend a third of our lives doing so there have been many myths about sleep passed on through the ages. Naturally today you will still find no shortage of information and advice on what to do and what not to do before bed time. Read on for some of the more common myths you are likely to hear.

TV Before Bedtime Helps You Sleep
This is one of the most common myths of all. There is plenty of scientific evidence to say TV actually does the opposite. While most of us will have fallen asleep sitting in front of a boring movie, watching TV at bed time long term is likely to supress hormones that help us get to sleep due to the effects of artificial light.

Smart phones are the enemies of sleep
Depending on how you look at it there may be some truth in this but it’s not all bad news for people who simply can’t manage without the phone by their side at all times. There are now plenty of apps available to help you manage your sleep and these can actually have a beneficial effect on your sleeping patterns and health. Just remember to keep screen time to a minimum at bed time or try to eliminate it all together.

Everyone should get a full 8 hours’ sleep per night
This is not necessarily true for everyone and scientific studies have shown that the optimum is between seven and eight hours. Some people can manage on less but younger children and teenagers will need significantly more than 8 hours sleep per night to help them grow and develop.

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How To Add More Bounce To Your Bedroom This Spring

How To Add More Bounce To Your Bedroom This Spring

Spring is the time of year when most of us are looking ahead to some warmer brighter days and the chance to get rid of winter’s clutter. It also a time to where thoughts turn to tidying things up around the home and redecorating.

With this in mind, here are some of our top tips on adding more bounce to your bedroom.

Replace the old mattress
If you have been struggling with the same old mattress throughout the winter, then now is the ideal time to consider investing in a new one. A new mattress will not only bring back some much needed spring into the bed, it will also help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

Introduce a fresh new colour scheme
Dark coloured walls are great in the winter but they can be depressing to look at in the spring and summer. This makes it an ideal time to brighten up your bedroom with light colours and pastel shades. These will make the most of all the extra natural light coming into the home at this time of year.

Consider re-arranging furniture
Getting rid of old furniture and rearranging the furniture you have can make a surprising difference to the look and feel of a room. Consider if your current layout is making the most of the space available, is it time to get rid of an old bed that is taking up too much space? Consider swapping it for a more streamlined contemporary bed.

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