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Why Pillow Choice Is Important

Why Pillow Choice Is Important

Do you find that you get so attached to your pillow you rarely swap it for a new one out of fear that you won’t be comfortable or get a good sleep? Pillows are of course an important part of our sleep routine but it is also important to consider if the old comfortable pillow is still doing its job in supporting you while you sleep.

Bad pillows can cause all sorts of physical problems if they fail to support your neck vertebrae including a stiff neck and even headaches. While you may put these ailments down to other causes, a simple change of pillow might help eliminate them altogether.

A good pillow will hold all your vertebrae in alingnment so that you don’t get problems with nerves being squeezed if your neck is too well supported or if your head has virtually no support on a pillow that is too soft to provide it.

So if you are planning to buy a new bed or mattress to gain that extra support you need, then it may also be a good idea to try out some pillows. Be sure to shop around for the pillow that is right for you. There is no one size fits all solution and there will be a wide variety of different fillings to choose from.

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Which Mattress Type Is Best For Athletes?

Which Mattress Type Is Best For Athletes?

If you’re an athlete sleep is a vital part of your routine. Sleep helps build muscle and aids recovery from work out sessions as well as lots of other restorative effects. It is also important for athletes to be able to get the support they need from choosing the right type of mattress. With this in mind, we look at the pros and cons of the most common mattress types suitable for athletes

Memory foam
Memory foam has increased in popularity over the past decade and offers an affordable alternative to most mattress types. The material used in memory foam mattresses is viscoelastic polyfoam which changes shape around the contours of the body when it is heated by body temperature. This makes ideal for those who like a softer mattress that doesn’t increase pressure on joints and the spine. The main disadvantage for some people with memory foam is its tendency to heat up. A memory foam mattress can also start to sag with age.

Coil Mattresses
Coil mattresses are the most popular type of mattress and as the name suggests the support in them is provided by steel coils. Coil mattresses are generally reinforced with layers of polyfoam to further bolster support and can be a good low cost alternative to other more expensive mattress types. Unlike memory foam, coil mattresses don’t conform to the body’s contours and support structures can deteriorate more rapidly than other mattress types.

Hybrid mattresses
If memory foam and coil mattresses don’t fit the bill then the compromise option is to go for a hybrid mattress. With a hybrid mattress you gain the benefits of memory foam and coils working together. One thing to consider with a hybrid though is the extra cost and the wide variety of firmness ratings. This means you will need to try out a few before deciding on which one is best. Also the memory foam component will still lead to problems with heat retention which can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep if your temperature is already elevated from exercising.

For athletes like the rest of us choosing the right mattress is largely about how it feels to you individually. Cost can also be a factor but it is better to choose a mattress that will last and provide the necessary support.

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Do You Need An App To Get You To Sleep?

Do You Need An App To Get You To Sleep?

In this age of distracting electronic communication there are now plenty of apps that can track your sleeping habits but is this a healthy way to manage your sleep or should you be looking for more natural ways to relax?

The question isn’t an easy one to answer and a lot depends on how you use your app and how happy you are for technology to help you do what comes naturally for most people.

The reason you might use an app for sleep is down to concern about getting enough of it. So having the app tell you when to go to bed and when to get up sounds like a good idea until nature gets in the way and you can’t sleep at the suggested times.

This can lead to people stressing over their sleep and losing sleep as a result.

Surely to best way to get a good night’s sleep is not to be thinking too much about everything that worries you. Being able to clear your mind of worries where possible will go a long way to helping you sleep.

Also gadgets such as mobile phones and the glare from tablet screens are best avoided at bed time as current scientific evidence suggests.

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Is It True That Herbs Can Help You Sleep?

Is It True That Herbs Can Help You Sleep?

Herbs such as lavender have been seen as an aid to sleep for hundred, perhaps even thousands of years, but in our age where many are sceptical about the effectiveness of herbal remedies does the evidence really stack up?

The good news if you are the kind of person who believes in herbal remedies is that evidence does exist for the positive benefits of lavender on sleep.

Scents can have a profound affect on us humans and the effects of scents on the brain continue to be widely studied. Scents can have an affect particularly on our memories. Certain scents are able to take us back directly to times when we may have encountered those scents and what we were doing at that time.

One study by Koulivand, P. et al. examined the effectiveness of lavender on sleep and drew the following conclusion:
‘Single-blind randomized studies investigated the effectiveness of lavender odour on quality of sleep showed that lavender improved the mean scores of sleep quality in fifteen healthy students [74], in sixty-four ischemic heart disease patients [75], and in thirty-four midlife women with insomnia [76].’

Lavender apparently acts as a mild sedative as well as being a mood stabilizer so if you are looking for a simple remedy to help you sleep, our ancient ancestors may have provided us with the remedy afterall.

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