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What Is The Right Temperature For Sleep?

Do you notice that it is hard to sleep on hot humid nights? Do you find yourself tossing and turning struggling to nod off and casting aside your duvet? Well this is all to do with how a good night’s sleep is dependent on temperature and particularly our core temperature which needs to be within a certain range to ensure we are comfortable.

Studies have shown that our core body temperature falls by as much as 2 degrees during sleep which means our temperatures drop from 37 degrees down to a range of between 35 and 36 degrees.

To achieve this important drop in core body temperature, the surrounding environment must also be kept as a temperature that allows the body to cool down. If this external temperature is raised during heatwaves and the accompanying hot sticky nights, then this is the reason why it becomes so difficult to sleep or at least sustain sleep for a full night.

While there are plenty of studies showing that excessive light can have an impact on quality and quantity of sleep, temperature is just as important. So to avoid discomfort, care should be taken to select bedding that helps regulate temperature such as cotton sheets rather than duvets.

When it comes to mattress choice if you suffer in the heat, then pocket sprung mattresses rather than materials such as memory foam are a better choice.

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What Colours Should You Choose For A Summer Bedroom?

What Colours Should You Choose For A Summer Bedroom?

This summer has turned out to be one of the hottest ever in the UK which makes a change considering the washouts we often endure in this country. All this nice weather can influence our thinking when it comes to interior design and there are some trendy colours to watch out for this season that have the potential to transform your bedroom into a place you’ll love to spend your midsummer nights in.

Vintage colours are very much in at the moment with paint companies bringing back various colours from the past including olive green.

Green was a popular colour in Victorian times and is perfect for larger bedrooms when you want a colour that is as soothing as it is cosy.

If your bedroom is smaller then darker shades of green are unlikely to be the best choice but this shouldn’t stop you experimenting with colours such as apricot orange. This is another classic colour for the bedroom making the space brighter. This colour goes particularly well with black and or brown to provide contrast.

When it comes to bedroom accessories and bed linen, yellow is the in colour for the season. This colour again adds brightness and lifts the mood which can give you that extra energy when getting up on those bright summer mornings.

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The Pros and Cons of TV Beds

The Pros and Cons of TV Beds

TV beds divide opinion some people wouldn’t be without them while others see them as a distraction preventing a good night’s sleep. So what are the pros and cons of a TV bed and what are the reasons to buy or not to buy one?

The first thing to consider is your sleeping habits. Do you find that watching TV late at night makes it difficult for you to sleep? Well there are scientific studies which say watching TV at night is bad for sleep due to the effect of light on the brain. Obviously buying a TV bed is only going to make this more of a problem if you are affected.

Then again if you like a lie in during the morning having the TV to hand can actually help you wake up due to the same effect so you could argue that having a TV bed can help you wake up earlier in the morning.

Another issue to consider is interior design. If your bedroom is small and you have a bed with a large TV set into it, then the bedroom will automatically look cluttered no matter how well designed the bed is. In this case it might be better to have your TV hung on the wall and opt for a minimalist style of bed. If on the other hand you have a large bedroom, then a well designed TV bed can actually add to the room.

The appeal of TV beds are largely a matter of individual taste, some people like them while others prefer to keep the bedroom as a sanctuary free from distractions of electronic gadgets.

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Hot Weather Sleep Hacks

Hot Weather Sleep Hacks

Summer often brings hot sticky nights so knowing how to combat these conditions will help you maintain the right amount of sleep so you’re not left feeling drained in the morning. With this in mind, here are our top sleep hacks for hot weather.

Cooling your bedroom
The first place to start is the room itself. It may sound counterintuitive but closing curtains during the day will help deflect some of the heat entering the home. You can also cool down your room with an electric fan or air conditioning unit, however these are likely to add significantly to your electricity bills. The natural way to allow cool air in is to open windows if security is not a concern.

Cooling your bed
If the bed feels too hot to sleep in, then it may be time to get rid of the duvet and use either a thin cotton bed sheet or the thinnest tog duvet you can find.

Cool your bedsheets and pillows
Did you know you can put both your pillow and bedsheet in the fridge as long as they are kept I sealed bags. You can then simply take them out when it’s time for bed and enjoy a nice cool start to your night’s sleep.

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