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According to research carried out by the Sleep Council, anyone age 18-65 should aim to get an average of 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Of course, everyone is different and we each require different levels depending on our routines, but it easy to forget the difference between the amount of sleep we need to remain healthy and how much we can ‘get by’ on.

Whether you are an early bird or night owl the most important thing is that you get a good night’s sleep. How you prepare for bed plays a vitally important role in allowing you to get the most from your time under your duvet.

Our list below offers some helpful suggestions:

  • Make sure the bedroom is quiet, cool and dark – keep out as much natural light as possible at nighttime. Also keep use of TVs, smartphones and electronic devices to a minimum. An eye mask might also prove to be useful. Keep noise to a minimum so you have as few disruptions as possible. Earplugs can be helpful to block out external sound. Keeping the room cool will also ensure your body temperature doesn’t get too high so you become restless. You will also need a good mattress, pillows and a well-made bedframe to support you so you can sleep for longer.
  • Establish a daily routine – creating a routine that you stick to each day teaches your body to prepare for bed. Going to bed and waking up at the same time will create a pattern your body is then ready to stick to.
  • No more late-night food or alcohol – eating heavy food or drinking alcohol shortly before bedtime can have a bad effect on your ability to sleep. At the very least, try to restrict these to at least a few hours before bed.
  • Bed preparation – doing the same things each night will also make a big difference. From going to the toilet before bed, brushing your teeth at the same time of night, or taking deep breaths to help your relax, preparation is everything when it comes to bedtime.

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Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Ways to tell if you’re a night owl

Grabbing five more minutes

Rather than springing your eyes open to face the day, if you prefer to give yourself ‘five more minutes’ of shut-eye, then it’s fair to say you are probably a night owl. Early birds will have no problem waking up naturally and getting themselves into the bathroom and beyond. There’s no lying around in bed, or closing their eyes just to ‘rest them’ for a few extra minutes. They are up and about without any problem. For night owls, on the other hand, it’s almost a battle of wills between the mind and body as to who will win in the morning.

Lying in bed for a little longer

In most cases night owls will take their time opening their eyes and putting a foot outside of the bed. They usually need anywhere between 15-20 minutes extra to adjust and to fully wake up to start thinking about what needs to be done for the day. Some night owls might just lie in bed for a while taking it easy, while others will pick up their phones and start looking at emails and social media – there’s no right or wrong here, it’s always a case of what works best for the individual.

Breakfast is not a big deal

Most morning people tend to understand the importance of breakfast and build time into their day to ensure they eat properly to give them the fuel they need to power on. If you are not a morning person you are more likely to grab something quick without too much fuss, or maybe even skip it completely as it seems like too much effort. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing something quick to eat as time often appears to disappear quickly in the morning and you still have two meals in the day to enjoy to the fullest!

Ways to tell if you’re an early bird

Waking up without a problem

An early bird will find it easy to open their eyes and focus on what needs to be done next in the morning. In fact, their body clocks are usually so regimented that they may not even need an alarm to remind them it’s time to get up at all. There’s no hitting snooze on your smartphone, or turning over only to snuggle deeper into the pillow. Energy levels are high right away for morning people and they tend not to want to waste it by having a lie in.

Early workout regimes

If you are the type of person who loves nothing more than hitting the gym before work, or pounding the streets for a brisk 5k run while the birds are just coming alive in the trees, then there is little doubt you are a morning person. Night owls will find the energy to get their exercising done later in the day, but if your energy levels are high in the morning it makes sense to burn off some calories to keep yourself in good shape. An early workout regime allows people to keep their momentum going and tackle the day ahead knowing their mind and body is in great working order.

Going to bed early

A night owl couldn’t think of anything worse than climbing into bed before 10pm. But for an early bird it is essential to keeping up their early-to-rise routine. Morning people will find they have high energy levels earlier in the day, which will also naturally dip earlier. Getting enough sleep is hugely important to a morning person as they don’t want to feel groggy or slow the next day. They tend to feel by starting the day early you get more done, so if this sounds like you, it’s safe to say you are definitely not a night owl.

Cheerful and happy in the morning

If you go to bed early and wake up early chances are you are going to feel rested and on-top of the world. When you go into work you’re the one saying hello to everyone, ready to hold a full conversation and not trying your best to avoid human contact. This is especially noticeable during the winter, when the chirpy early bird isn’t affected by the cold air, overcast skies and rainy wet days like everyone else. Night owls tend to come alive later in the day, perhaps around the same time that early birds are starting to flag a little.

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Way to naturally boost your energy levels

Way to naturally boost your energy levels

In today’s fast-paced world it can be easy to forget the basics and struggle on when energy is low, when some simple changes to our lifestyle can make all the difference. 

If you’re wondering how do you fight fatigue naturally, read some of our suggestions below that will hopefully give you some good ideas. 

Does going outside more often help boost energy?

Our immediate environment has a direct impact on minds and bodies, so the more we can get outside of our homes and places of work, the more chance we have of boosting our energy. All it takes is as little as 20 minutes of our time to step outside and we’ll soon feel revitalised. If you can go for a walk in that time, even better, as it will get the blood and heart pumping, but even if it’s just sitting down, that’s just as great too.

How much rest should I get each night?

The general consensus in scientific circles is that 7 hours is the minimum amount of sleep you should get each night. But it’s not just the amount of time you are in bed, but also when you hit the sack. For example, going to bed at 1am and getting up at 8am will be less beneficial than closing your eyes are 11 and waking up at 6am – even though you are opening your eyes earlier. To get a good night’s rest you also need a comfortable bed to sleep in and that means finding the right bed frame, mattress and pillow to suit your preferences. 

Can drinking water help with tiredness?

It’s surprising how many people turn their nose up at water because they don’t like the taste – even though it has none. Water does a fantastic job at helping our energy levels and when you remember that 60% of our body is comprised of water you soon realise why we need to keep refreshing it. Listen to your body when you feel thirsty as it is a simple warning sign of dehydration not to be ignored. The more you drink, the more you’ll need to go to the toilet at first, but this is a good thing, as it is merely flushing out any unwanted toxins. 

What is the best natural energy booster?

If you are low on energy it could be you need to adjust your diet and boost your vitamin intake. Natural supplements and vitamins are a great way to give you a bit more get-up-and-go. The food we eat has a big effect on how we feel every day, although be aware that vitamins and supplements should only be taken after seeking advice from a doctor first. They can arrange to have a vitamin deficiency blood test carried out, to highlight any areas that need to be boosted. 

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Energy Efficient Bedroom Design Tips

Energy Efficient Bedroom Design Tips

Change Up Your Bedding

It’s important to switch your bedding up based on the season. Some materials are designed to trap heat whilst others do the opposite. During summertime, opt for breathable linens to keep you cool. Then, switch to heavier bedding and extra blankets for the winter months.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

It may surprise you, but the type and number of plants you keep inside and outside your home can help you save energy. Planting a tree outside your home in a strategic location can give shade, which can naturally cool your property.

House plants can also be effective. Plants exude moisture into the air, which can cool it down on a hot day or warm it up on a cold one.

Make Use of Natural Light

Lighting our homes with electric lights is what a lot of our energy consumption goes towards. So how can we prevent this? You can utilise natural light by investing in larger windows or installing sun tunnels. These bring direct light into a room from your home’s roof.

Allowing as much natural light in as possible can ensure that you use less energy by turning on your lights less frequently.

Solar panels are also a great way to make use of natural light. Sunlight doesn’t cost, so once you’ve paid for the installation, your electricity bills will be reduced. Solar is also low carbon, renewable energy.

Get Carpets or Rugs to Trap Heat

In the winter months you might be looking to trap in any heat in your home. If you have hardwood floor, you might want to consider investing in some large rugs to keep any heat from escaping through the floor.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that different materials provide varying degrees of insulation. 

Upgrade your Lightbulbs

Lighting that is energy efficient helps to reduce electricity bills and carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining the quality of light in our homes. If you replace your lightbulbs with LED lights you could potentially sae up to 40 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

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