A guide to buying from an online bed shop

Buying a new bed and mattress can be a big decision. Everyone is different, and that means everyone needs a bed and mattress suited to their specific needs.

Here are our 5 top tips to buying a from an online bed shop

Do your research

Before you go to buy a bed or mattress online, it could be a good idea to do your research on what type of bed or mattress could be good for you. Researching beforehand is particularly important for when you are looking for a mattress, and it could be the difference between an uncomfortable nights sleep and a good one.

Measure your space

Before buying from an online bed shop, its essential that you measure the space that the bed or mattress is going to be. There would be nothing worse than ordering the perfect looking bed or mattress for it to not fit in the space you need it be in.

Look at a size guide

To help you along whilst you’re measuring, looking at a bed size guide could be helpful. Bed Guru provide a handy measuring guide for all UK standard sizes and custom sizes.