5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Children Bedtime Stories

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Children Bedtime Stories

Reading your children a bed time story is on the pleasures of being a parent but unfortunately the routine can often be broken at the end of a long tiring day or if your children would rather be staring at a tablet or mobile phone.

The following 5 reasons to read bedtime stories should provide you with some extra motivation to keep up the habit
Reading bed time stories is an excellent way to improve your child’s vocabulary by introducing words they may not be familiar with.

It is important to encourage children to use their imagination and there are few better ways of doing this than reading them stories on a regular basis before they go to sleep.

Maintaining a regular sleep routine is important for families with young children and the expectation of a bedtime story makes it easier to convince them that it is time for bed.

You will find that many fairy stories teach children morals which they will find useful when they grow up.

Reading your child a bed time story can also help you as well as your child to unwind. Escaping into the story can help with relaxation and give you a better night’s sleep.

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