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What types of nightmares do you have?

What types of nightmares do you have?

Why do I keep having weird dreams/nightmares? 

Although garden nightmares seem more closely related to our imagination than they are to real life, there are many who believe that what we dream about is related to things that are going on in our lives. By linking life-fact with dream-fiction we can start to unravel what causes recurring nightmares which can help understand how to stop nightmares from even starting.  

Linking a recurring nightmare to reality is difficult as there is no obvious link between the fictional nightmare and a specific event that has occurred. However, there are widely accepted ideas behind the cause of specific recurring nightmares which could be the first step to you understanding what causes recurring nightmares.  

We have collated some of the most widely reported nightmare themes and their potential triggers to help those of you who are stuck in a cycle of constantly having bad dreams. 

Teeth falling out 

If you have ever woken up in a cold sweat with the vivid memory of losing all your teeth, you’re not alone; having your teeth fall out is actually a very common nightmare. 

There are two main interpretations for this nightmare. The first looks at how from the beginning of humankind our teeth have been one of our most powerful tools. Losing them in our dreams is therefore associated with a feeling of a loss of power which, in turn, has also been linked to a feeling of lacking in self-confidence. 

The second interpretation of this nightmare scenario stems from a potential lack of self-worth and worries of how we come across to other people.   


Whether it’s falling off a building or falling in the street, the ‘falling’ theme is another common nightmare to have. It’s widely thought that the act of falling and the fear associated with it in our nightmares is caused by anxiety triggered by a stressful situation. This might be anxiety caused by a single event, or anxiety which has built up over a long period of time. If you’re suddenly experiencing nightmares where you fall, it may be worth looking at your levels of anxiety and stress.  

Being chased 

Being chased, along with an inability to flee, is often interpreted as the dreamer feels that they are struggling to pursue a life goal. Didn’t get the interview you were hoping for? Is your own business struggling to take off? All these personal ambitions and what you perceive as inability to achieve them can be related to this nightmare. 

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How to make your bedroom eco-friendly

How to make your bedroom eco-friendly

How to make your bedroom eco-friendly

Ready to get started on saving the planet and upgrading your bedroom style? Here’s our pick of the best tips for designing an eco-friendly bedroom!

1. Choose a gorgeous yet durable wooden bed

Beautiful, built to last and eco-friendly, the benefits of wooden beds are endless when it comes to eco-style design.

2. Use organic paints

Unlike normal gloss or emulsion paints that contain solvents and other harmful chemicals, you can purchase organic paints that are totally free of all pesticides, herbicides & toxins. VOC paints (and flooring for that matter) are very harmful for the environment, so make sure you opt for anti-VOC paints or low VOC paints at the very minimum. As well as paints there are also varnishes, primers and even wallpaper that are eco-friendly, too!

3. Make sure mattress is a plastic-free zone

Whilst you’re working toward styling your eco-friendly bedroom, don’t forget about your mattress. Many mattresses out on the market today actually contain PV or flame retardants that are a form of plastic. Not only are these harmful for the environment, but they are harmful for you too and can have negative implications on your health.

Instead, invest in a good quality mattress that has natural material components for the benefit of both you and the planet. Look out for materials such as wool, cotton, hemp and bamboo that are all-natural but still incredibly comfortable and supportive.

4. Opt for natural bedding

Using natural bedding made from organic cotton or bamboo is another way to be healthier and greener. These fabrics don’t contain any pesticides and 100% unbleached duvets, mattress protectors and pillows are becoming far more common these days and are found in any bedding store worth its salt! Yes, organic bedding is slightly more expensive, but they are a fantastic investment as they’re warm, soft, durable and sustainable. Be sure to stay away from any bedding that contains teflon, formaldehyde or flame resistance as these all defeat the aim of achieving a more green and eco-style design.

5. Go eco-friendly with your furniture

Eco-friendly bedroom furniture has been on the rise in recent years as the design world has searched for ways to become more sustainable. As a result, there’s a lot of eco-style furniture to get your hands on that doesn’t take up too much space and uses all-natural materials!

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Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

So, where do you start on your new sustainable style quest? In the bedroom of course! But before you begin, it’s important to understand the benefits of an eco-friendly bedroom so you can fully appreciate your efforts beyond just the visual aesthetic.

It’s energy efficient

We’ve all heard about carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, but there’s a lot more you can do beyond buying energy efficient light bulbs. Eco-style design places focus on how we can better measure our energy output by making smart choices with materials, lighting and heating. For example, think about how insulating your carpet is, your curtains and drapes – do they effectively control the temperature in your room?

It helps you reduce waste

Rather than championing plastics and fast fabrics, eco-friendly design is all about recycling, upcycling and calling upon nature’s resources to furnish your space. Can you reuse something rather than discarding it? Would that old dining room chair look fabulous in the corner of your room with a lick of paint and a fancy cushion?

It’s durable

In the spirit of waste reduction, this type of interior design can be extremely durable and your natural material furniture will last a lifetime if you care for it correctly. Opt for quality over quantity, functionality over seasonal trends and invest in sturdy natural statement pieces – you’ll soon find that you’ll be replacing items much less, saving yourself money and the environment in the process!

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Tips for sleeping this summer

Tips for sleeping this summer

How heat can affect your sleep

The closer it gets to bedtime, our bodies naturally experience slight dips in body temperature which can help to trigger sleepiness. Body temperature then continues to dip until the early morning before gradually warming back up. This process is part of our internal body clock setup, known as our ‘circadian rhythm’. So, as you can imagine, adding a spike of heat into the mix on a balmy summer’s eve can make it harder to fall asleep and disrupt your normal rhythm.

You’re also more sensitive to temperature changes during the slow-wave and REM (rapid-eye movement) stages of sleep – the period of slumber where our bodies repair themselves and we get the restorative rest we all need and deserve. If it’s hotter in your bedroom than usual, the chances are your slow-wave and REM sleep will be disrupted, meaning you’ll get less quality sleep and miss out on all the benefits it brings.

Getting ready for a cooler night’s sleep

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your core body temperature in check this summer before you even set foot in your bedroom for kip.

Firstly, it’s time to ease off on any late night exercise sessions. Although exercise can be a great way to reduce stress and your overall tiredness during the day, leaving it too late could mean your core body temperature spikes. As our bodies usually decrease in temperature before bed, a night gym session or midnight 5k could make it harder for you to nod off.

Secondly, you could always take a hot bath. Yes, you heard us right! It might seem counterintuitive, but a hot bath can help you sleep better on a hot summer’s night. Not only will you be more relaxed as you settle down, but moving from a steaming tub to cooler surroundings will help lower your body temperature. Just make sure you leave enough time between bath and bed for your body to properly cool down!

And lastly, before you go to bed, make sure you have donned the right summer sleeping attire. Now, for some this might mean ditching clothes altogether (hello sailor!) but for others, simply wearing some lighter than usual pyjamas could help you sleep a little better on warmer evenings.

Optimising your bedroom for summer sleeping

Is your sleep sanctuary too hot to sleep in? If your bedroom is letting you down, there’s plenty you can do to beat the high temperatures of summer.

Draw your curtains and switch on the fan

And we don’t just mean at night! Drawing your curtains or closing your blinds during the day could keep your bedroom at a cooler temperature so it’s less of a sauna when you try to get some shuteye at night. A bedside fan can also be a fantastic tool in your arsenal to combat summer heat and help circulate cooler air – just be sure you can cope with a bit of noise!

Get the bedsheets right

Natural bedding made from cotton or linen are ideal when it comes to selecting summer bed sheets, or you could invest in some bamboo or percale sheets if you’re feeling fancy. These fabrics are more breathable and can wick moisture away from your body, traits that come in handy when it’s too hot to sleep!

You could also consider swapping to a lower tog duvet for the summer months. Tog ratings relate to a duvet’s ability to trap warm air, so a 4.5 tog or lower will be better suited for those hot summer nights.

Picking the right mattress

A top quality mattress is the foundation for any good night’s sleep but they can also help to regulate our sleeping temperatures. If you find yourself overheating during the summer, a mattress with more natural fillings will be a much cooler option than a memory foam mattress which tends to trap in heat a lot more.

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How to arrange bedroom furniture in five simple steps

How to arrange bedroom furniture in five simple steps

1. Measure your space

It’s time to bust out the tape measure and get super familiar with the dimensions of your room. Working out the measurements of your space will help you map out where your current furniture can go and if you have space for some new homely purchases.

2. Assess the furniture you already have

When it comes to arranging your bedroom furniture, doing an audit of what you already have is a brilliant way to avoid unnecessary spending. Once you know what you have – and what you don’t – you can fully map out the layout of your bedroom to help maximise floorspace and create a sophisticated sanctuary for sleep. If you require any new furniture or just need some inspo, check out our bedroom furniture on our website.

3. Start by placing your bed

Real talk – the bedroom is the most important part and focal point of any bedroom. Plus, your bed is one of the larger, if not the largest, pieces of furniture in your bedroom so it needs to take priority when it comes to arranging bedroom furniture.

Typically, beds are placed against the wall opposite the door, so you’re instantly drawn to the comfort of your bed as you walk in. If this isn’t workable for your space, the next best bet is against the longest wall, but other practicalities might also come into play such as whether space is at a premium or if you and your partner need space either side of the bed to hop in and out. If this is the case, play around with positioning whilst all your other furniture is out of the room to find the perfect fit.

4. Work down through your furniture from big to small

The aim of the game here is to maximise your floor space without compromising on storage. Starting with your bigger items means placing your wardrobe or dressers first, followed by any bedside tables and then other less essential pieces such as desks or chairs. Working down from biggest to smallest is a fab way to constantly keep an eye on retaining floorspace and have you thinking about what you really need to make your bedroom work for you.

5. Add in any finishing touches

Once your staple pieces of furniture are ready in place, it’s time to think about adding those finishing touches to your bedroom. Soft furnishings, indoor plants, floor lamps and well-placed eye-catching prints can be just the ticket to make your bedroom an inviting and relaxing space for sleep. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out our latest our website!

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