Clean your headboard

How to Clean Your Headboard

How to Clean Your Headboard

A statement headboard can make the perfect finish for a bedroom! How can you keep it in great condition?

The truth is all it takes is a little TLC to keep your furniture looking fabulous for longer. We’ve collated our top tips on how to clean your headboard, no matter the style or material, to help your bed look as fresh, new and glamorous as the day you bought it.

Let’s start with the basics

Before you get cleaning your headboard, it’s time to get organised and gather your tools. Get your vacuum and some dry cloths ready and invest in a quality fabric spray. At this point, we’d also like to introduce you to your new best friend: baking soda.

You’ll also need to whip up a batch of cleaning solution if you’re about to enter into battle with stubborn stains – simply mix lukewarm water with a small amount of laundry detergent, just enough so the mixture froths a little, and you’re good to go.

How often should you clean your headboard?

For easy ongoing maintenance, a weekly hoover and spritz of fabric spray will keep your headboard free from dirt and dust, as well as smelling nice and fresh.

Every month, it’s a good idea to give your headboard a deeper clean. Simply work some baking soda into your headboard, dampen your cloth and hoover up any residue after leaving to work for a few hours.

Remember: if in doubt about what type of headboard you have before cleaning it – always read the label!

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