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How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding? 

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding? 

There are few better feelings than climbing into clean sheets after a long day. While a good run through the washing machines brings comfort and a fresh smell, a regular clean is important for our health. We know it’s important, but exactly how often should you change your sheets?

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding? 

Bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers should be front of the line for a regular wash because they have the most regular contact with your body; you should also be wary of keeping your pillows and mattress clean. Here is how often you should be washing your bedding:

How often should you wash your sheets? (Every 1-2 weeks) 

How often you should wash your sheets can depend on you, but everyone should be stripping their bed at least once a fortnight. You should consider washing them once a week if you have any dust or pollen allergies, you or your partner sweat a lot, either of you is unwell, or if a pet sleeps in bed with you. If you don’t, you may be increasing the chance of running into some of the issues we mentioned earlier.

How often should you wash your pillows? (Every 3 months) 

You can get away with washing your pillows a little less often than the sheets but it’s still recommended you wash the pillows at least every 3 months. Despite the covers, your pillow still picks up the likes of body oils, dead skin cells and dust mites. If left too long, it can be a health risk, as well as pretty unpleasant.

How often should you wash your mattress? (Every eight years)

Although your mattress is better protected than pillows and sheets, it’s recommended you replace your mattress every eight years. Worn out old mattresses will be covered in sweat, dead skin and mites, they could also be to blame for people getting a poor night’s sleep. Buying a fresh one and treating yourself to a mattress top will not only be beneficial for hygiene but could be the key to sounder sleep at night.

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Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

When choosing a new bed, the first decision you will need to make is whether to opt for a divan or a bed frame.

Not only will your new bed affect your quality of sleep, it will also be the main focal point in our bedroom, so taking the time to make the right decision is very important.

We’ve put together a few key points about divans and bed frames to help you to choose the option most suited to both your space and your requirements.

Divan beds

A divan is a bed with a solid, fabric base featuring in-built storage. Once considered old-fashioned, the modern divan now comes in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit any taste and home interior.

Storage – The main benefit of a divan bed is that it maximises space in the bedroom by providing storage space under the bed.

Size – Divans usually take up slightly less space than a bed with a frame as they are only the size of the mattress.

Headboard – Headboards can be easily added and updated as required, changing the bed’s appearance without the expense of buying a whole new bed.

Here at M6 Beds we specialise in divan beds and divan bases and can manufacture a divan to suit your specific needs.

Bed frames

Bed frames are generally more classic in appearance than divans and may be the preferred option when extra storage is not required.

Variety of styles – From wood and metal, to fabric and leather, bed frames are available in plenty of different colours, styles and materials, allowing you to pick an option that complements your bedroom’s décor perfectly.

Appearance – Bed frames are widely considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and stylish than divan beds. From beautiful natural wood, to elegant, decorative metalwork, bed frames are available in a range of attractive finishes.

Price range – Available to suit a wide variety of budgets, it’s possible to get a basic bed frame very cheaply.

At M6 Beds we stock bed frames in all shapes and sizes including wooden, metal, upholstered and leather designs.

For help and advice choosing your new bed, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379.

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Pros and cons of memory foam mattresses

Pros and cons of memory foam mattresses

There’s a lot of hype around memory foam mattresses. Many people swear by them for a comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep, but they’re not right for everyone.

Read our honest guide to the pros and cons of memory foam mattresses to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Moulds to the shape of your body – The main advantage of choosing a memory foam mattress is the way it moulds itself to the shape of your body, keeping you feeling cosy and comfortable all night long.

Pressure relief – Memory foam evenly distributes your body’s weight to relieve those painful pressure points. This can help you sleep better and wake up feeling more rested and comfortable rather than full of aches and pains.

Warm – Memory foam mattresses absorb your body heat in order tomould to the shape of your body, keeping you feeling warm and comfortable even when it’s cold outside the covers.

Anti-allergy – Memory foam protects your mattress from dirt and debris, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.


Can get hot – Whilst memory foam mattresses can keep you feeling lovely and warm in the winter, some people find them uncomfortably hot, particularly during the summer months.

New smell – Memory foam contains some chemicals, which means that when the mattress is brand new it can have a distinct smell to begin with. Taking the time to properly air the mattress before you begin using it can help to get rid of the smell quicker.

Price – Memory foam mattresses are generally more expensive than traditional coil or pocket sprung mattresses, so it’s important to be sure that it’s the right choice for you before investing.

Sinking – Some people find that they don’t like the feeling of “sinking” into the mattress. Once your memory foam mattress has adjusted to your sleeping position, it can also take a little bit of time to readjust to your body again if you change positions.

For further help and advice choosing a mattress, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379.

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Why Buy A Divan Bed?

Why Buy A Divan Bed?

Divans are not to everyone’s taste, you either love them or you hate them but they do have an enduring popularity. So what has sustained demand over the years and why should you invest in one?

Extra storage
One of the big attractions of a divan bed has always been the extra storage space it provides in the bedroom. If your room is cramped, then you can add a lot of extra capacity with a Divan bed. Divan beds are also designed to fit the measurements of the mattress without adding anything extra to the length and width.

You can personalise them
It is a common misconception that Divan beds all look the same. This isn’t true when you consider that they usually don’t come with a headboard so you are free to choose your own to match your bedroom style.

They tend to be firmer than other bed types
A divan will come with a platform top which means you get some extra padding underneath. So if you prefer a firm mattress under you, then a divan could be the ideal choice.

Whether or not you opt for a divan is of course down to personal taste and they can be more expensive than alternatives. If you want to check out our range of Divan beds for yourself browse through the examples in our store.

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