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Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Considering buying a sofa bed, but wondering if a plain old sofa might be wiser? In case you needed convincing, we’ve come up with the best reasons to buy a sofa bed not a sofa.


Approach buying a sofa bed just like you would a sofa, checking its frame and fillings for both quality of construction and how it matches your personal preferences. Sofa bed fillings include foam (for a firmer, smart-looking seat); fibre (for soft support); or plump feathers (for a soft, squashy looking sofa). Sofa beds do tend to feel firmer than sofas, so picking one with a combination of softer cushion types – fibre seat cushions and feather back cushions, for example – will give you the best balance without compromising on the look.


Gone are the days when sofa beds were lumpy, heavy pieces of furniture you felt you had to reinforce the floor for. Many, sofa beds are as chic and svelte as they’re non-bed sofa counterparts. Just look at this Mid-century modern style sofa bed (below) for proof of our point.


Sofa beds used to be narrow two-seaters at best. Now, there are beds in a box, loveseats, two-seaters, three-seaters and L-shaped, all of which can be easily converted into sleep surfaces to suit your space and guest numbers no matter what size your home is.

Function-wise, there’s plenty of choice, too, from pull-out sleep surfaces to sofa beds with backs that fold backwards to provide an instant double bed. Choose one that suits you best: pull outwards and you’ll need plenty of floor space in front of the sofa bed; fold backwards, and you’ll need to pull out the entire sofa before you can push the back down.


We know what you’re thinking: if you’ve got a sofa bed, you’ll need somewhere to stash all that extra bedding. Well, the good news is that many sofa beds come with hidden storage. And if you don’t want to keep bedding in there, they may great places to stick all that household clutter you’ve gathered and don’t have a place for.

Some now come with pull-out tables to hold food and drink, too. If you don’t believe us take a look for yourself!


If your child’s bedroom is small, a single armchair sofa bed or bed in a box in the corner is a useful buy; failing that, a double sofa bed in the living room will accommodate them, especially as they get older and want to stay up all night watching their favourite programme on TV!


In a small house, flat or flat/house-share, sofa beds for small living rooms will be invaluable, giving you a spare bedroom when you need it at the drop of a hat.

Having a sofa bed in the living room, snug, TV room or in a bedroom makes perfect sense for families in larger homes, too, where guests might be frequent, but a guest bedroom not worth the space sacrifice.

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M6 Beds – Tips for creating an inviting and homely guest room

M6 Beds – Tips for creating an inviting and homely guest room

Help guests to get a good night’s sleep when staying in your home by creating an inviting and homely guest room.

Make guests in your home feel welcome by putting some thought into how you furnish and decorate your guest room.

With a few simple changes you can transform the space from box room to comfortable and relaxing retreat.

Maximise space– If like many people, your guest room is a little on the small side, be space-conscious when furnishing and decorating it. Use the tips in our blog ‘How to gain more space in a small guest room’ to make a small room feel more spacious.

De-clutter– Apart from what’s tidied away into storage behind closed doors, only leave visible decorative items and essentials. Keeping your guest room tidy and minimal will make it feel fresh, airy and relaxing.

Invest in a comfortable bed– Chances are that your guests will be asleep during most of the time that they spend in your guest room, so its worth investing in an inviting and comfortable bed. If you’re not ready to invest in a new bed, then a mattress topper could provide guests with some extra comfort in the meantime.

Indoor plants– Indoor plants don’t only look beautiful, they also refresh and oxygenate the air, creating a fresh, comfortable and healthy environment.

Be generous with pillows and blankets– Help your guests to get a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed by offering a selection of blankets and pillows. Depending on personal preference and the individual’s sleeping position, different guests will prefer different pillows so provide a variety of firm and soft pillows. Some people may feel the cold more than others too, so add some cosy blankets for layering up on the bed if needed.

For help and advice choosing a suitable bed for your guest room, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379 and we will be happy to help you.

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How to gain more space in a small guest room

How to gain more space in a small guest room

If your guest room is very small, it’s important to plan carefully before furnishing the room to get more from the space you have.

Use the tips in this blog to gain more space in your small guestroom and create an inviting and cosy space for visitors.

Choose the right bed– Consider your requirements carefully and shop around for the right bed for your guestroom. The right option will largely depend on the size and shape of the room in question. Day beds and guest beds are generally no bigger than a single bed, with the option to extend them into a double bed when needed. This provides you with more floorspace when the bed isn’t in use. If you choose a day bed you also gain a comfortable and attractive space to sit and relax when the room is not being used by guests. If storage is your issue, then an ottoman bed provides plenty of storage underneath the bed base, making excellent use of otherwise wasted space.

Multi-purpose furniture– Gain more space by investing in multi-purpose furniture rather than multiple pieces of furniture. Choose a bedside table with shelving or a cupboard underneath, a storage chest that doubles as a seat, and a bed with storage space.

De-clutter– Keep your guest room minimal and free from clutter to maximise space and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Be clever with storage– Be smart with the space you have by arranging furniture to minimise wasted space. Buy furniture that fits snugly into the room or invest in custom-built furniture. If you are left with any small gaps between furniture try to make use of them by installing shelves on the wall, a tall and narrow table or storage unit, or simply an attractive basket for storage. Make use of your wall space by adding shelving for storage. Be careful to keep your shelves looking tidy and avoid filling them with clutter.

Use mirrors– Whilst mirrors don’t give you any physical extra space, they are effective at creating the illusion of space in a small bedroom.

To find out more about any of our guest room beds, or to discuss your requirements in detail with one of our experts, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379.

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What Makes An Ideal Guest Bedroom?

What Makes An Ideal Guest Bedroom?

If you have ever stayed at someone’s house and felt like you were sleeping in their store room, you are not alone. Guest bedrooms are often treated as low priority rooms that are cleared out in a hurry ready to welcome guests.

This isn’t ideal for your guests and the chances are they are unlikely to want to come and stay again if they don’t feel comfortable.

So what’s the solution?
The first thing to do is make your guests feel at home when they come to stay. Your guest will want to feel like they have space to move around in and at the very least they will want to be able top put stuff like luggage away somewhere out of sight.

Sleeping in a room next to your luggage and various other items that can’t be put away is a sure fire way to ensure your guest misses home, which might be a good thing depending on who it is!

Joking aside, a guest bedroom should be a calming environment that helps people settle in right away. The right bed and mattress choice is an essential part of this, as is the bedding itself. Mattresses shouldn’t be overly firm or soft so that it will be comfortable for most people’s preferences over a short period of time.

If you are looking for a new bed for your guest bedroom why not pay us a visit?

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