Hot Water Bottle

Best hot water bottles

Best hot water bottles

From body-length bottles and microwavable hotties to electric heat pads and eco-friendly plastic-free buys, there’s never been so many ways to get cosy.

The main thing to keep in mind is what you want to use it for. Is it simply for keeping your toes toasty in bed? Maybe you’re after something that works as heat therapy to soothe aches and pains? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a safe cosy for a child, a luxury gift for a friend or a worry-free buy for a less mobile relative?

YuYu Hot Water Bottle with Wearable Liberty Cover

The YuYu hot water bottle is 81cm long, getting you toasty from head-to-toe.

The bottle is also super-flexible and comes with an adjustable strap that means you can tie it around sore shoulders or an aching stomach for targeted – and hands-free – pain relief.

It holds the same volume of water as a regular hot water bottle so you only need to fill the kettle once and it’s not heavy to wear around the house.

There are lots of cover designs at various prices: super-soft fleece versions cost just £33, but the insulated covers made from Liberty fabric, priced £75, are too pretty not to shout about.

Hottie Microwave Highland Fling Red Tartan Hottie: £15.99

Filling a hot water bottle with boiling water can be a nerve-wracking task, particularly if hands aren’t as nimble as they once were.

This hottie doesn’t require filling or emptying and there’s also no fiddly stopper to worry about.

It consists of a “heat pack” (made of plant-based material and water) that you heat in the microwave, then slip inside a stretchy fabric cover. No flammable gels, grains or materials are used, which also reassured us.

Once snuggly in its cover, it radiated gentle warmth that kept us cosy for four hours.

Hotties are CE registered as a class 1 medical device for pain relief and could be helpful as heat therapy for conditions including arthritis, IBS and sciatica.

Eco-sustainable Rubber less Hot Water Bottle: £19.99

Rubber-free and made from 90 per cent renewable and recyclable materials, this is a great eco-conscious option.

Because it’s PVC free, it’s also odourless, which means you don’t get that rubbery whiff that sometimes comes with traditional options.

The bottle itself isn’t as flexible or soft as traditional designs, but when we filled it with hot water, it did soften up slightly.

We liked the diagonal zip on the fleece cover, which made it a doddle to remove from its inner bottle, and were impressed by its two-year warranty against leaks.

Extra bonus points for it being posted in paper and cardboard rather than unnecessary plastic (note to other retailers, we’d like to see more of this).

Boots Hot Water Bottle: £7.99

Did you know you should replace your hot water bottle at least every five years for safety reasons? Neither did we until now.

This hot water bottle is a great option if you need a new bottle, but your cover still has life left in it.

There are no bells and whistles to this design, but it’s easy to fill and empty, the screw lid is really secure, it’s latex-free (making it useful for those with a latex allergy) and it’s a sensible price.

It also comes with comprehensive and clear instructions that make you confident that you’re using it safely and effectively.

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