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The best pillowcases for your skin

The best pillowcases for your skin

Why Specifically for Skin?

Sometimes, it’s the things easiest to overlook that cause the most damage. This is often true of the bedding we choose and the negative effects it can have on skin and hair. You can spend hours brushing, finessing, moisturizing, oiling, and doing all sorts of other treatments to your hair. You can wash, tone, deep clean, and exfoliate your skin. But if you’re not taking care of that skin at all times, it’s an exercise in futility.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can actually lead to dry skin, which can cause itching, redness, rash, scaling and peeling, and other irritation. None of this is good for skin and spending eight hours a night – and sometimes more – with your face pressed to a material that strips it of necessary oils and minerals can be detrimental. It can make you age faster, showing wrinkles sooner, and take away that fullness, softness, and brightness that comes with youthful skin.

Instead, you should focus on materials that will ease the aging process. There are actually pillowcases for skin that will assist with keeping it moisturised and infused with the important vitamins and amino acids to enliven your appearance and make you look younger than you are.

Even dermatologists agree that sleeping on silk pillowcases can help reduce and even reverse the aging process, keeping skin as well as hair healthier longer. Silk has a lot of properties that are ideal for skin, or if you have trouble with the idea of the price of pure silk, satin (woven from polyester) imitates a number of these features.

What Makes the Best Pillowcases for Skin the Best?

Let’s consider the properties of silk – and in many cases, satin – pillowcases that make them the best pillowcases for the skin.

Wrinkle Resistant

One of the biggest problems with waking up in the morning after a hard sleep is looking in the mirror and seeing creases on your face from the way the pillowcase wrinkles while you sleep. As if the initial appearance isn’t bad enough, these particular marks seem to last forever and can be very embarrassing.

Silk and satin pillows are smooth and slippery, with wrinkle resistant properties that avoid the ‘pillow’ marks on your face when you’ve had a particularly difficult night or slept harder than usual.

Long Term Age Defiance

Even more important, silk helps reduce age-related wrinkles by infusing skin with much needed natural properties. The anti-aging formulas used in night creams and other facial products contain amino acids that help keep skin young and healthy, giving it a glowing appearance and a certain shine. Silk contains the same amino acids, so your skin and hair become infused with these through the night, giving you eight hours of therapy when you choose the right pillow case rather than just a few minutes a day.


A number of materials literally drain away oils and moisture from your already dry skin. Silk and satin do the opposite. Because they are not dry and absorbent, you’ll find that your skin stays moist longer, with less irritation, which not only aids in overall skin health but keeps you younger and fresher longer. You’ll have fewer rashes, less peeling and scaly skin, and more balanced skin hygiene, even reducing the oiliness of certain spots on your face.

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Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Considering buying a sofa bed, but wondering if a plain old sofa might be wiser? In case you needed convincing, we’ve come up with the best reasons to buy a sofa bed not a sofa.


Approach buying a sofa bed just like you would a sofa, checking its frame and fillings for both quality of construction and how it matches your personal preferences. Sofa bed fillings include foam (for a firmer, smart-looking seat); fibre (for soft support); or plump feathers (for a soft, squashy looking sofa). Sofa beds do tend to feel firmer than sofas, so picking one with a combination of softer cushion types – fibre seat cushions and feather back cushions, for example – will give you the best balance without compromising on the look.


Gone are the days when sofa beds were lumpy, heavy pieces of furniture you felt you had to reinforce the floor for. Many, sofa beds are as chic and svelte as they’re non-bed sofa counterparts. Just look at this Mid-century modern style sofa bed (below) for proof of our point.


Sofa beds used to be narrow two-seaters at best. Now, there are beds in a box, loveseats, two-seaters, three-seaters and L-shaped, all of which can be easily converted into sleep surfaces to suit your space and guest numbers no matter what size your home is.

Function-wise, there’s plenty of choice, too, from pull-out sleep surfaces to sofa beds with backs that fold backwards to provide an instant double bed. Choose one that suits you best: pull outwards and you’ll need plenty of floor space in front of the sofa bed; fold backwards, and you’ll need to pull out the entire sofa before you can push the back down.


We know what you’re thinking: if you’ve got a sofa bed, you’ll need somewhere to stash all that extra bedding. Well, the good news is that many sofa beds come with hidden storage. And if you don’t want to keep bedding in there, they may great places to stick all that household clutter you’ve gathered and don’t have a place for.

Some now come with pull-out tables to hold food and drink, too. If you don’t believe us take a look for yourself!


If your child’s bedroom is small, a single armchair sofa bed or bed in a box in the corner is a useful buy; failing that, a double sofa bed in the living room will accommodate them, especially as they get older and want to stay up all night watching their favourite programme on TV!


In a small house, flat or flat/house-share, sofa beds for small living rooms will be invaluable, giving you a spare bedroom when you need it at the drop of a hat.

Having a sofa bed in the living room, snug, TV room or in a bedroom makes perfect sense for families in larger homes, too, where guests might be frequent, but a guest bedroom not worth the space sacrifice.

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Why you should stop making your bed now

Have you ever stopped to consider that making your bed first thing in the morning could be unhygienic?

On average, we spend one third of our lives in bed. That’s a lot of time spent wriggling around, shedding skin and sweating under the covers.

This creates the perfect environment for dust mites, microscopic critters that love damp and humid environments.

Studies have found that the average bed contains 1.5 million dust mites, and ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow is made up from dead dust mites and their droppings.

Whilst you may have been taught from a young age to make your bed as soon as you get up to keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy, this could actually be quite a disgusting habit.

Crawling out of a warm bed and immediately pulling up the covers traps the warm humid air in your bedding and mattress and helps to nurture the thriving colonies of dust mites.

A study performed by Kingston University, found that dust mites cannot survive in warm and dry conditions, so, great news, an unmade bed is healthier and more hygienic!

When you leave your duvet pulled back during the day it helps the bed to air, drying any moisture and killing off dust mites.

This is particularly important if you’re an allergy sufferer as dust mites can aggravate existing allergies and asthma.

Many people also vacuum their mattress to get rid of dust mites. This can be done once every couple of months or so by lightly sprinkling your mattress with baking soda, letting it sit for at least 15 minutes, and then vacuuming the baking soda back up.

This will not only suck up some of the live dust mites, but also a lot of the dead ones too.

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The top reasons to invest in a bigger bed

The top reasons to invest in a bigger bed

If you or your partner are suffering from disturbed sleep, it could be a sign that you’ve outgrown your bed.

On average, people spend one third of their lives lying in bed, so it’s important to your quality of life that you ensure that your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible.

If you feel like your sleep is constantly being disturbed by the other person in the bed with you, then this is a sure sign that it’s time to invest in a bigger bed.

Beds are available in a variety of sizes, from the standard double, to queen size, king size, and even larger European sizes. Moving up a size may not be as expensive as you think and could have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing, helping you to feel more rested and refreshed.

Here are the top two reasons why people choose to invest in a bigger bed.

Disrupting each other’s sleep

Did you know that the average person wriggles around between 60 and 70 times each night? Sleeping in too close a proximity to someone else can cause your sleep to be constantly disrupted, making you feel tired and irritable the following day, and sometimes even effecting your health, memory and concentration. A bigger bed offers the space to move around freely without disturbing, or being disturbed by, your significant other.

You’ve had or are having a baby

If you bought your bed as a couple and have since gone on to have children, then your bed might be starting to feel a little cramped. Even if you swore never to bedshare with your children, they have a habit of finding a way to wriggle their way in when you’re too tired to protest! You may also find a bigger bed beneficial during pregnancy, when a growing bump can cause extra tossing and turning during the night and the introduction of bulky body pillows into the bed too.

Ready to upgrade to a bigger bed? Visit M6 Beds and browse our showroom containing over 160 beds of varying sizes.


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Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

Divan bed versus bed frame: Which is right for you?

When choosing a new bed, the first decision you will need to make is whether to opt for a divan or a bed frame.

Not only will your new bed affect your quality of sleep, it will also be the main focal point in our bedroom, so taking the time to make the right decision is very important.

We’ve put together a few key points about divans and bed frames to help you to choose the option most suited to both your space and your requirements.

Divan beds

A divan is a bed with a solid, fabric base featuring in-built storage. Once considered old-fashioned, the modern divan now comes in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit any taste and home interior.

Storage – The main benefit of a divan bed is that it maximises space in the bedroom by providing storage space under the bed.

Size – Divans usually take up slightly less space than a bed with a frame as they are only the size of the mattress.

Headboard – Headboards can be easily added and updated as required, changing the bed’s appearance without the expense of buying a whole new bed.

Here at M6 Beds we specialise in divan beds and divan bases and can manufacture a divan to suit your specific needs.

Bed frames

Bed frames are generally more classic in appearance than divans and may be the preferred option when extra storage is not required.

Variety of styles – From wood and metal, to fabric and leather, bed frames are available in plenty of different colours, styles and materials, allowing you to pick an option that complements your bedroom’s décor perfectly.

Appearance – Bed frames are widely considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and stylish than divan beds. From beautiful natural wood, to elegant, decorative metalwork, bed frames are available in a range of attractive finishes.

Price range – Available to suit a wide variety of budgets, it’s possible to get a basic bed frame very cheaply.

At M6 Beds we stock bed frames in all shapes and sizes including wooden, metal, upholstered and leather designs.

For help and advice choosing your new bed, give our team here at M6 Beds a call on 01270 879 379.

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Why you need to banish technology from the bedroom now

Why you need to banish technology from the bedroom now

Make this one simple change in the bedroom to start enjoying better quality sleep every night.

Watching your favourite tv show, playing video games, or catching up with social media late in the evening could be having a serious effect on your quality of sleep.

Having a digital detox during the hours before bed will not only improve your sleep, it could also have a positive impact on other areas of your life too.

How does technology negatively effect sleep?

Blue light – Your body’s circadian rhythm is largely controlled by light. Exposing yourself to too much of the blue light emitted by technology late in the evening can confuse and disrupt this natural rhythm, making us feel alert when we should be getting sleepy.

Stimulation – Whether you’re playing a video game, watching a film, or scrolling through Instagram, each of these activities are highly stimulating for your brain. Stimulating activities trigger our bodies to release the stress hormone cortisol which speeds up heart rate and keeps us feeling alert, making it more difficult to get to sleep when we turn the lights out.

Distractions – We live in a world of constant distraction with the ping of notifications constantly coming through on our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The urge to keep checking what we’re missing on our emails, favourite news channels and social media is strong. By keeping technology out of the bedroom, you remove the temptation to keep refreshing Facebook or reading work emails, allowing yourself the time you need to effectively wind down before bed.

Benefits of banishing technology from the bedroom

Health and wellbeing– Sleep is extremely important to our health and can affect weight, immunity, mental health, sex drive and fertility. Lack of sleep has also been linked to increased rates of diabetes and heart disease.

Digital detox time– Removing technology from the bedroom will force you to find things to do to before bed that don’t require screens. Reading, yoga, and meditation can all be excellent ways to relax, and without technology you can give whatever you choose to do your full concentration.

Relationships– Removing technology from the bedroom fosters better human interaction, giving you a chance to spend time with loved ones without the distraction and lure of constant mobile phone notifications. Check in with each other, find out about one another’s days, and have meaningful and intimate conversations to strengthen bonds and improve relationships with those you love.

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Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Or “have you made your bed this morning” might conjure up flashbacks of childhood when parents were eager to teach us how we should keep everything tidy. So as adults is there any point in keeping up this tradition and making the bed every morning?

We can all come up with plenty of excuses for not completing this routine task such as it wasn’t our day to make the bed or my partner doesn’t bother so why should I? Yet making the bed in the morning isn’t just another boring activity without any benefits, you may even find that you day and life is better when you do.

The first task of the day ticked off

There is a lot to be said for starting the day with a tidy up. Making the bed transforms your bedroom even if that is the only thing you do in the morning. Plus, you will have the satisfaction that you have completed this first task before the day has even got started. The more completed tasks we achieve the more motivated we become.

Your bed will be cleaner
You will change your clothes most days but what about the place where you spend 8 hours of your day? Dead skin cells and dust can all build up and sometimes trigger allergies. Shaking out your sheets and changing them regularly will leave your bed cleaner. In summer too all sorts of insects can end up in the sheets of an unmade bed.

That sense of satisfaction when you go to bed
If you are heading up to an unmade bed night after night it can be quite depressing. An unmade bed isn’t the most appealing prospect at the end of a long working day. So why not get the task out of the way in the morning and give yourself something to look forward to?

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