Ottoman Bed

Utilise under the bed with storage boxes

Utilise under the bed with storage boxes

Using the space under a bed can offer the most generous and easy way to increase the storage space in your bedroom and house, or especially in flats. Having great organisation and a place to store away any items is a key step to living a stress and clutter free life. There’s many ways which can help provide this space, including storage boxes and ottoman beds but here we discuss the different storage boxes you can use in your bedroom.

Why creating space is important

Better Sleep

A calm, relaxing atmosphere is a must for the perfect night’s sleep. One way to achieve this is through clearing away anything that could be in the way. Waking up to a clean bedroom is a guaranteed way to start off the day better.

A Safer Environment

Of course, with the floor being clear, you are much less likely to fall over and trip.  

Less Stress

A clearer bedroom can also offer a feeling of motivation, being better for your health. This can also help clear your mind of stress.

Ways To Create Space

Under-bed Storage Boxes

Our underbed storage boxes provide a large amount of space and are available in various sizes and colours, each ideal for a variety of reasons. These are compatible with any standard height beds and can be added at any time, including after purchase.  The standard internal height for storing is 19cm, giving ample space for spare bedding, pillows, duvets etc. 

Low beds do not offer the space of clearance needed for these storage boxes so ensure you choose a bed that’s a standard height to make the most of your space if storage is important.

Ottoman Beds

If you’re looking for storage which is already built into the bed frame, we recommend Ottoman Bed. We have various styles available, all offering a large amount of storage within the base of the bed frame. The easy to lift base makes any items quickly and easily accessible.

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What is an ottoman bed?

What is an ottoman bed?

The ottoman bed is aptly named after its historical namesake – a piece of furniture designed during the Ottoman Empire that acted as both a bed and a storage area. Although nowadays fancy gas-lift hydraulics are involved for a smoother operation, the premise is very much the same – an ottoman bed is both a sleeping and space-saving solution.

Benefits of an ottoman bed

Extra storage space

The main benefit of an ottoman bed is the amount of extra storage space you have underneath your mattress. Unlike other storage beds, such as a divan bed, ottomans make use of the entire bed base, rather than drawers and compartments, to ensure you have the greatest possible space-saving area available.

All you have to do is lift up the bed base to easily store bulkier and occasional-use items, such as linens, spare pillows, clothes or whatever else you need to pop away to give your bedroom a less cluttered feel, in the concealed storage space within.

Long-lasting quality

As the entire bed base forms part of the large storage compartment, good quality ottoman beds are built to be sturdy and stand the test of time. You can rest assured that your new ottoman bed will be your committed sleeping companion for years to come, as durability is much a part of their design as functionality.

Style that suits you

Not only are they practical, but our ottoman beds are also the epitome of stylish, on-trend design. Available in a range of coloured fabric options, upholstered headboards and leather finishes as well as natural oak bed frame designs, we’re guaranteed to have the perfect ottoman bed to suit your individual style.

Easy assembly

If you’ve had some nasty run-ins with flat-pack furniture in the past, fear not – ottoman beds are a breeze to set up.

Choosing the right ottoman bed size

Choosing the right size ottoman bed for you and your space is really important. Whether you’re searching for a cosy double or fancy a luxurious super king, take the time to check out the measurements of the styles you like before you buy as well as the space available in your bedroom.

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