Puppy Sleeping

How to make your puppy go to sleep

How to make your puppy go to sleep

During their first few months, the excitement and energy levels of a puppy can be heightened, as can their sensitivity to disruption. It can make bedtime an even more difficult period. The same advice absolutely applies when it comes to helping a puppy go to sleep, but here are just a few more pointers to help you out. 

  • Be patient  

You’ll likely encounter problems when a puppy first moves into your home, making patience an even more important virtue. The transition to living in your home will be confusing and scary for puppies, making interruptions inevitable. Be patient until they grow familiar with their surroundings.  

  • Leave them be 

If you’re happy that you’ve provided everything your puppy needs for a good night’s sleep, try to leave them be until the morning – even if they bark for a short period. Leave them to settle back down and you might find their attempts for late-night attention will stop.  

  • Don’t give in 

When they’re at their youngest, and cutest, it can be even more difficult to say no and shut puppies away. If you do give in, they will start to become used to sleeping in your room or getting attention when they want it. It will make a smooth, disruption-free night even more difficult to achieve. Stay strong and don’t give in.  

In many ways, advice on how to help dogs and puppies to sleep mirrors that of humans. Ultimately, as animals, we have energy reserves that need to be recharged by sleep. Following the tips and guidance above could be the key to nudging your pup to sleep each night.   

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