Right Headboard

Beds Without Headboards

Beds Without Headboards

Why Choose a Bed Without a Headboard?

Save Space

Of course, the removal of a headboard means a little extra space is made available. If you have a low ceiling or have an awkward space to fit a bedroom into, then beds without headboards can make this a little easier.

Fit a Bed Under the Window

Perhaps there’s a window in your bedroom where you wish to place the bed frame. Without a headboard this task is made much easier.

What Styles are Available?

Low Beds

Our low bed collection is ideal for the loft or attic conversion and with the exclusion of the headboard, they’re perfect for those awkward spaces.

The Low Loft Bed (Space Saver) sits close to the floor to make the most of any restrictive height. With no headboard, it can be pushed up against the wall for saving even more space.

Standard Height Beds

If you’re looking for something with space for storage while still saving a little extra room then our Platform bed (space saver) is a stunning style for any bedroom. It provides plenty of room for our underbed storage boxes and excludes the headboard so you can style it however you like.

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How to Choose the Right Headboard

How to Choose the Right Headboard

What’s the difference between freestanding bed headboards and wall mounted headboards?

Put simply, wall mounted headboards are drilled and fixed firmly to the wall, whereas freestanding headboards come without any screws, requiring no drill work and stand proudly of their own accord. This allows for more flexibility – and means there’s no need for Polyfilla when you decide you want a design refresh in the room again!

Different headboard designs

Wingback headboard

A wingback headboard has two upholstered panels either side of the main board to give your bed a better sense of cosy headspace.

Deep-padded headboard

If you’re searching for a headboard to match a bedroom oozing with sophistication and class, look no further than a deep-padded upholstered headboard. A design that offers a truly contemporary floor-strutted aesthetic with a deep-padded, vertically lined design. Talk about a centrepiece.

Buttoned headboard

Give your bed a complete makeover with a timeless buttoned headboard – an effortless, luxurious lift for any bedroom.

Sleigh bed wooden headboard

If you’re after something a little more classic – and by classic we mean 18th century French classic.

What height headboard should you get?

There’s no hard and fast rule on headboard height. Instead, headboard widths are the measurable to take note of as they are based on standard UK bed sizes. If you need a headboard for your double bed, take a look for a double bed headboard; if you’re looking for a feature to add to your king bed, check out a selection of king size bed headboards. Simples! The height, whether you fancy short or high, is purely down to personal taste and dependant on the design you’re looking to create in your bedroom.

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