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Ways To Combat Shift Work Sleep Problems

Ways To Combat Shift Work Sleep Problems

Working shifts plays havoc with your body clock particularly when you are new to it. Our human bodies are built to be in sync with our environments and when these environments are changed they can have all sorts of impacts including sleep difficulties if you are awake all night and in bed during the daytime.

Some people may struggle to sleep at all during the day when it’s sunny outside and there is inevitably more noise. There is even a term for those suffering insomnia who work shifts called ‘shift work sleep disorder’.

This sleep problem arises when your natural circadian rhythm is disrupted and there are difficulties flipping the switch to stay awake at night and sleep during daylight hours.

The way to combat sleep issues caused by shift working are largely the same as for other minor sleep problems and include maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and keeping a regular sleep routine. The latter may be difficult however if shifts are always changing as is the case with some shift working jobs.

It can also be beneficial to ensure the room is dark and definitely a good idea to avoid caffeine in the early hours if you will need to get some sleep during the day.

A more practical way to improve the quality of sleep is to invest in a good mattress and a suitable pillow which can make a world of difference to your sleep quality which is as important as the quantity.

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