Simplest Way To Make a Bed

The Simplest Way To Make a Bed

The Simplest Way To Make a Bed

Making beds is a chore most of us would like to avoid if we could but then again most of us don’t have the benefit of a maid to do it. So here are some tips on the simplest way to make a bed with the minimum of fuss.

The first thing to avoid before making your bed is doing it as soon as you get up. If your mum would always let the bed air out a bit before making it later on in the morning she had the right idea. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped and building up to encourage all sorts of nasty microscopic creatures.

Then when its time to make the bed be sure to start with straightening the bottom sheet over the mattress. So-called hospital corners where you tuck the sheet under in triangles is the quickest and easiest way to a neat start.

Then puff up your pillow cases and place on top of your tucked in sheet. If you then have a top sheet ensure that you spread it evenly over each side and smooth out any creases. Again, tuck your sheet under the mattress for neatness.

You can then shake out the duvet and if you prefer put the pillow cases on top along with cushions if you have them.

If you find yourself having to change the duvet or pillow case cover, a handy tip is to turn them inside out, grab the inner corners and pull either the duvet or pillow case through for a quick neat finish that won’t have you wrestling with the duvet.

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