Tips for getting some sleep if your partner snores

Sleeping in the same bed as someone who snores can cause significant sleep disruption and annoyance.

Getting into bed with a loved one and cosying up under the covers for a good night’s sleep should be relaxing and comforting, unless of course your significant other is a snorer.

Whilst most people can still function ok after one or two nights of disrupted sleep, if constant thunderous snoring is keeping you awake night after night it will begin to drive you to despair.

Whilst disrupted sleep is very irritating, it can also have more serious effects on your health and wellbeing, so it’s very important to find a solution that helps you to get more sleep if your partner snores.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ear plugs– Soft foam ear plugs may be your first port of call. You can purchase cheap sleep-specific ear plugs that are soft and comfortable when you lie against them, you’ll hardly feel that they’re there and they should dim the racket to a more bearable level.

Background noise– Some people swear by white noise machines and other background noises to help them to get to sleep. Whilst adding more noise into the mix may seem counterintuitive, background noises like white noise play at a soothing, consistent frequency that can help mask the sound of snoring and give you an alternative noise to focus on.

Go to bed earlier– If you struggle to get to sleep because of your partner’s snoring it may help to go to bed earlier than them. With a head start, you can get to sleep before the noise begins.

Help them try to stop snoring– Often, there is a reason why someone snores. Work with your partner to experiment with different lifestyle changes to see if their snoring can be cured or reduced.

Sleep separately– If all else fails then it’s not worth damaging your health and wellbeing over sleeping in the same bed. Continue to work on finding the root cause of your partner’s snoring and sleep in separate beds in the meantime. Don’t forget to set aside alternative times in the day for spending much-needed quality time together.

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