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How to Choose Your Perfect Mattress

How to Choose Your Perfect Mattress

There are three common types of mattresses: innerspring, foam, and adjustable. There’s no one “right” material to choose, but in general, side sleepers need a softer mattress, stomach sleepers need a firm one, and back sleepers fall somewhere in between.

Beyond the types of mattresses and firmness, you’ll need to think about a few other factors. From sleep style to negotiating with a bedfellow, here’s what to look for based on your needs:

If you like a bed with bounce

Traditional innerspring styles have that familiar bouncy feel and may be firmer. Interconnected coils are extra-durable, but individual “pocketed” coils, each covered with fabric, reduce the ripple effect that happens when someone on one side of the bed moves.

If you prefer a firmer base

Memory foam options have less spring and offer more pressure relief. To determine quality, look at the density and thickness of the foam, which will determine how deep you’ll sink. The newer, online mattresses generally use several different layers of foam, with heavier ones on the bottom for support and lighter, cooler kinds on the top for comfort.

If you want a plush top

Innerspring mattresses typically have either a fiberfill or foam outer layer, covered in quilted ticking. But even if you want an uber-plush feel, don’t be swayed by a thick-looking pillowtop as it can compress over time. It’s often best to choose a firmer, well-quilted mattress, and then cover it with a replaceable mattress topper.

If you like to change it up

Consider an air-filled mattress. Two side-by-side chambers allow you and your partner to customise the mattress firmness separately. There are also foam mattresses with soft and firm sides, so you can just flip it over as needed, and modular designs that let you move around the springs on the inside.

If you sleep on your side

You’ll want a surface that will support your body weight, and conform to your shape. Innersprings may have more pressure relief than some foam or latex mattresses, but a soft foam mattress or one with built-in pressure relief points around the shoulders and hips can work for side sleepers, too

If you sleep on your stomach

The last thing a stomach-sleeper probably wants is an enveloping memory foam — it would feel smothering! Instead, a firmer bed will provide the best support. Consider a firm foam, dense innerspring, or air-filled mattress.

If you sleep on your back

You’ll want something in the middle — a surface that supports, but has some give so your spine is kept in a healthy alignment. You’ll find happiness with any of the mattress types, but you should do your best princess-and-the-pea impression to see what feels best to you.

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Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Are sofa beds just a good as a sofa?

Considering buying a sofa bed, but wondering if a plain old sofa might be wiser? In case you needed convincing, we’ve come up with the best reasons to buy a sofa bed not a sofa.


Approach buying a sofa bed just like you would a sofa, checking its frame and fillings for both quality of construction and how it matches your personal preferences. Sofa bed fillings include foam (for a firmer, smart-looking seat); fibre (for soft support); or plump feathers (for a soft, squashy looking sofa). Sofa beds do tend to feel firmer than sofas, so picking one with a combination of softer cushion types – fibre seat cushions and feather back cushions, for example – will give you the best balance without compromising on the look.


Gone are the days when sofa beds were lumpy, heavy pieces of furniture you felt you had to reinforce the floor for. Many, sofa beds are as chic and svelte as they’re non-bed sofa counterparts. Just look at this Mid-century modern style sofa bed (below) for proof of our point.


Sofa beds used to be narrow two-seaters at best. Now, there are beds in a box, loveseats, two-seaters, three-seaters and L-shaped, all of which can be easily converted into sleep surfaces to suit your space and guest numbers no matter what size your home is.

Function-wise, there’s plenty of choice, too, from pull-out sleep surfaces to sofa beds with backs that fold backwards to provide an instant double bed. Choose one that suits you best: pull outwards and you’ll need plenty of floor space in front of the sofa bed; fold backwards, and you’ll need to pull out the entire sofa before you can push the back down.


We know what you’re thinking: if you’ve got a sofa bed, you’ll need somewhere to stash all that extra bedding. Well, the good news is that many sofa beds come with hidden storage. And if you don’t want to keep bedding in there, they may great places to stick all that household clutter you’ve gathered and don’t have a place for.

Some now come with pull-out tables to hold food and drink, too. If you don’t believe us take a look for yourself!


If your child’s bedroom is small, a single armchair sofa bed or bed in a box in the corner is a useful buy; failing that, a double sofa bed in the living room will accommodate them, especially as they get older and want to stay up all night watching their favourite programme on TV!


In a small house, flat or flat/house-share, sofa beds for small living rooms will be invaluable, giving you a spare bedroom when you need it at the drop of a hat.

Having a sofa bed in the living room, snug, TV room or in a bedroom makes perfect sense for families in larger homes, too, where guests might be frequent, but a guest bedroom not worth the space sacrifice.

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The top reasons to invest in a bigger bed

The top reasons to invest in a bigger bed

If you or your partner are suffering from disturbed sleep, it could be a sign that you’ve outgrown your bed.

On average, people spend one third of their lives lying in bed, so it’s important to your quality of life that you ensure that your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible.

If you feel like your sleep is constantly being disturbed by the other person in the bed with you, then this is a sure sign that it’s time to invest in a bigger bed.

Beds are available in a variety of sizes, from the standard double, to queen size, king size, and even larger European sizes. Moving up a size may not be as expensive as you think and could have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing, helping you to feel more rested and refreshed.

Here are the top two reasons why people choose to invest in a bigger bed.

Disrupting each other’s sleep

Did you know that the average person wriggles around between 60 and 70 times each night? Sleeping in too close a proximity to someone else can cause your sleep to be constantly disrupted, making you feel tired and irritable the following day, and sometimes even effecting your health, memory and concentration. A bigger bed offers the space to move around freely without disturbing, or being disturbed by, your significant other.

You’ve had or are having a baby

If you bought your bed as a couple and have since gone on to have children, then your bed might be starting to feel a little cramped. Even if you swore never to bedshare with your children, they have a habit of finding a way to wriggle their way in when you’re too tired to protest! You may also find a bigger bed beneficial during pregnancy, when a growing bump can cause extra tossing and turning during the night and the introduction of bulky body pillows into the bed too.

Ready to upgrade to a bigger bed? Visit M6 Beds and browse our showroom containing over 160 beds of varying sizes.


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Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Do You Make Your Bed In The Morning?

Or “have you made your bed this morning” might conjure up flashbacks of childhood when parents were eager to teach us how we should keep everything tidy. So as adults is there any point in keeping up this tradition and making the bed every morning?

We can all come up with plenty of excuses for not completing this routine task such as it wasn’t our day to make the bed or my partner doesn’t bother so why should I? Yet making the bed in the morning isn’t just another boring activity without any benefits, you may even find that you day and life is better when you do.

The first task of the day ticked off

There is a lot to be said for starting the day with a tidy up. Making the bed transforms your bedroom even if that is the only thing you do in the morning. Plus, you will have the satisfaction that you have completed this first task before the day has even got started. The more completed tasks we achieve the more motivated we become.

Your bed will be cleaner
You will change your clothes most days but what about the place where you spend 8 hours of your day? Dead skin cells and dust can all build up and sometimes trigger allergies. Shaking out your sheets and changing them regularly will leave your bed cleaner. In summer too all sorts of insects can end up in the sheets of an unmade bed.

That sense of satisfaction when you go to bed
If you are heading up to an unmade bed night after night it can be quite depressing. An unmade bed isn’t the most appealing prospect at the end of a long working day. So why not get the task out of the way in the morning and give yourself something to look forward to?

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5 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep This Summer

5 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep This Summer

Most of us look forward to the summer with all those sunny days at the beach barbecues and so on to look forward to. But everything pleasurable has its downsides and one of them comes at night time in the summer months when you simply can’t cool off. So here are five tips on how to stay cool in the bed this summer.

Protect yourself from the sun
Wearing sun cream is essential if you want to avoid sunburn when you are out in strong sunshine for hours at a time. Sleeping with sunburn isn’t easy when your skin is burning hot, it simply adds to the discomfort on hot nights.

Keep yourself hydrated
Drinking cool glasses of water will not only help keep your body temperature down, it will also keep you hydrated and stop you waking up with headaches. It can also be beneficial to drink water along with alcohol to stop yourself getting dehydrated.

Don’t drink too much
Alcohol consumption often goes up at this time of year as we’re all out an about more. Alcohol isn’t great for sleep so it is worth cutting down if you want to reduce those nasty hangovers and interrupted sleep.

Avoid eating too much
Eating too much before bed time will increase the amount of work your body has to do so keeping meals light is important if you want to avoid overheating.

Keep out sunlight
Sunlight beaming into your room at 5am is often the culprit if you find yourself waking up earlier than usual. Simply investing in some thicker blackout curtains or blinds will help reduce the mount of light in the room and stop you waking up too early.

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Why Pillow Choice Is Important

Why Pillow Choice Is Important

Do you find that you get so attached to your pillow you rarely swap it for a new one out of fear that you won’t be comfortable or get a good sleep? Pillows are of course an important part of our sleep routine but it is also important to consider if the old comfortable pillow is still doing its job in supporting you while you sleep.

Bad pillows can cause all sorts of physical problems if they fail to support your neck vertebrae including a stiff neck and even headaches. While you may put these ailments down to other causes, a simple change of pillow might help eliminate them altogether.

A good pillow will hold all your vertebrae in alingnment so that you don’t get problems with nerves being squeezed if your neck is too well supported or if your head has virtually no support on a pillow that is too soft to provide it.

So if you are planning to buy a new bed or mattress to gain that extra support you need, then it may also be a good idea to try out some pillows. Be sure to shop around for the pillow that is right for you. There is no one size fits all solution and there will be a wide variety of different fillings to choose from.

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Do You Need An App To Get You To Sleep?

Do You Need An App To Get You To Sleep?

In this age of distracting electronic communication there are now plenty of apps that can track your sleeping habits but is this a healthy way to manage your sleep or should you be looking for more natural ways to relax?

The question isn’t an easy one to answer and a lot depends on how you use your app and how happy you are for technology to help you do what comes naturally for most people.

The reason you might use an app for sleep is down to concern about getting enough of it. So having the app tell you when to go to bed and when to get up sounds like a good idea until nature gets in the way and you can’t sleep at the suggested times.

This can lead to people stressing over their sleep and losing sleep as a result.

Surely to best way to get a good night’s sleep is not to be thinking too much about everything that worries you. Being able to clear your mind of worries where possible will go a long way to helping you sleep.

Also gadgets such as mobile phones and the glare from tablet screens are best avoided at bed time as current scientific evidence suggests.

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Why Sofa Beds are a Good Investment

Why Sofa Beds are a Good Investment

Pushed for space in your home, have you ever thought of investing in a sofa bed?
With the scarcity of new homes for sale and the rising cost of land to build them on, it is little wonder that our houses seem to be getting smaller.

This isn’t a problem if you live alone or as part of a couple, but you soon become acutely aware of the lack of space when guests come to stay or you start a family. It’s only then you realise there simply aren’t enough spare rooms in the house to accommodate everyone in comfort.

This is what makes a sofa a bed such an ideal purchase. if you’re short of space in your home and don’t want to make your guests sleep on the floor when they come to stay with you occasionally, then a good quality sofa bed can be just as comfortable as a bed, and then you can simply fold it all away in the daytime.

Sofa beds have come a long way over the years from humble beginnings when they really were only for an emergency. Today you will find lots of stylish sofa beds that are both comfortable and stylish.

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