TV Beds

The Pros and Cons of TV Beds

The Pros and Cons of TV Beds

TV beds divide opinion some people wouldn’t be without them while others see them as a distraction preventing a good night’s sleep. So what are the pros and cons of a TV bed and what are the reasons to buy or not to buy one?

The first thing to consider is your sleeping habits. Do you find that watching TV late at night makes it difficult for you to sleep? Well there are scientific studies which say watching TV at night is bad for sleep due to the effect of light on the brain. Obviously buying a TV bed is only going to make this more of a problem if you are affected.

Then again if you like a lie in during the morning having the TV to hand can actually help you wake up due to the same effect so you could argue that having a TV bed can help you wake up earlier in the morning.

Another issue to consider is interior design. If your bedroom is small and you have a bed with a large TV set into it, then the bedroom will automatically look cluttered no matter how well designed the bed is. In this case it might be better to have your TV hung on the wall and opt for a minimalist style of bed. If on the other hand you have a large bedroom, then a well designed TV bed can actually add to the room.

The appeal of TV beds are largely a matter of individual taste, some people like them while others prefer to keep the bedroom as a sanctuary free from distractions of electronic gadgets.

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