Best bed sets to slip into during the UK heatwave

Best bed sets to slip into during the UK heatwave

If you’re one of those people who can’t nod off without a cover over you in bed, don’t panic. We have a solution to help you get your beauty sleep during this heatwave: silk sheets. This completely natural material is not only suuuuper soft, but it’s highly breathable, with thermal control properties that’ll help keep you cool in the summer (way more so than cotton) AND warmer in the winter.

Regardless of the weather, though, there are other pretty decent benefits to sleeping in silk. I mean, tell me that slipping into something so smooth and soft every evening doesn’t sound amazing. AND they look pretty good too.

Not only does it look great, there are some real benefits to using silk bedding.

  • Very smooth surface to lay your head on, causing less friction than more traditional cotton (this helps fight against wrinkles!)
  • Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton making it a healthier option for acne sufferers.
  • It won’t absorb your skincare products – so hey can stay where they belong – on your face!

This smooth, frictionless surface is also kinder on your hair, causing less static and therefore keeping your curls or blowdry looking great for longer.

Here are some more affordable options to fulfil your bed linen dreams!

Pure Mulberry Silk Bed Linen



This is a good mid-priced option, so stay alert for when the full bedding bundles are available – it’s a decent price for a quality set of silk sheets and it comes in an array of super-cute pastel shades.

Satin Silk Duvet Cover Set



If you just don’t have the budget to drop £500+ on a bedding set, we hear you. This satin option on Amazon is just as shiny and glam, but at a bargain price. There are six colours on offer, so you can stock up on several.

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Preparing your guest bedroom for Christmas

Preparing your guest bedroom for Christmas

Christmas is a time for visiting and entertaining family and friends. If you’re hosting guests over the festive period, use the tips in this blog to create a welcoming guest bedroom.

If your guest bedroom has been lying dormant for a while and is feeling a little neglected, leave yourself plenty of time to spruce it up before the guests descend at Christmas.

Here are our top 5 tips for giving your guest bedroom a festive makeover.

Test the mattress

If you know that the mattress in your guest bedroom is old, it’s a good idea to sleep in the bed for one night yourself or at least lay down and test the mattress to check that it is still comfortable.

Some mattresses may simply need to be turned over or given a good hoover and airing, whilst others may require replacing to ensure that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep.

New bedding

Make sure that your guest bed has a suitably warm winter duvet on it to keep guests warm during the night. Investing in a new duvet cover set can instantly makeover a bedroom, choose a Christmassy design to give the room a special festive feel.

Christmas decorations

Adding a couple of Christmas decorations can make the room feel lived in and cosy for guests at Christmas.

Festively-scented candle

Lighting a candle with a Christmassy scent like pine, cinnamon or orange can help to get rid of any stale smells and provide guests with a warm welcome.

Add extra blankets

Over the Christmas period the weather can get particularly cold and different people are comfortable sleeping at different temperatures. Adding two or three blankets to the end of your guest bed allows guests to layer up as much or as little as they like to achieve a comfortable sleeping temperature.

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