How Much Sleep Does An Athlete Need?

While it is a fact that we all need a set amount of sleep to help us function, professional athletes may need even more sleep to be able to perform at their optimum physical capacity.

You have probably heard the stories of football teams being woken up in the early hours at their team hotel by fire alarms and how this may have impacted on their performance in subsequent matches.

The recommended amount of sleep in any 24 hour period is between 7 and 8 hours but there are athletes who claim they can’t function properly on anything less than 10 hours on their days off.

There is a good reason for this. Sleep is actually very important for athletes because it is not only required for recovery between events, but also to build muscle. Without enough sleep, both recovery and muscle and gains in strength and physical performance will be slow at best.

So it is not only professional athletes who benefit from getting enough sleep, even if you are an amateur sportsperson, you are likely to achieve your goals much faster if you place an equal amount of importance on the quality of your sleep.