What type of mattress should I choose?

What type of mattress should I choose?

When all you want is something comfortable to sleep on and take away the stresses of today’s living, you might find trying to choose the right mattress a stressful business too. Here at M6 Beds, we’re keen to take the stress out of helping you find the right mattress with the following tips!

How much should I pay for a good mattress?

The size of your budget will obviously have some bearing on your choices, but you do tend to get what you pay for with mattresses. The more expensive mattresses will not only be more comfortable but they will last longer too.

Coil or foam?

You will find a large choice of mattresses available in most bed stores including some hybrid examples but you biggest decision will be whether to go for foam or coil mattresses. Memory foam for example will fit around the contours of your body giving you a very comfortable night’s sleep. If you prefer your mattress bouncy, then it has to be coil. Most people now opt for foam.

How firm should it be?

Some people like a firm mattress, some prefer soft but a lot depends on what type of sleeper you are. If you sleep on your back then medium firm is better, if you sleep on your stomach, then it is advisable to err on the side of above average firmness. If you tend to sleep on your side then you may find a softer mattress more comfortable.

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Old Beds Can Damage Your Health

Old Beds Can Damage Your Health

Why investing in a new bed is good for your health and wellbeing.

The optimum level of sleep an adult requires to be healthy is between 7 and 8 hours – any more or any less can be detrimental to your health, but there are few people who actually manage this on a regular basis.

So what’s the solution?

While much depends on lifestyle factors including, you could take a giant step towards a better night’s sleep with an investment in a new bed!

Many of the health problems caused by old beds relate to mattresses. A good mattress is an essential component of a good night’s sleep and numerous studies have found that sleeping on old mattresses can mean you’re getting less sleep than you should be.

Lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of problems such as stress, obesity, poor memory and you may even find yourself more at risk of having accidents, if you are tired and your reaction times are slow.

The accepted advice is you should change your mattress at least every 7 years and your bed too if it is starting to show its age.
Sleep is as important to us as the food we eat, so an investment in a new bed will always pay you back with far more than you put in.

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Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before Investing In A Bed

Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before Investing In A Bed

Most of us will spend a third of our lives sleeping and as long as you have chosen wisely, the bed you decide to buy should last you at least ten years.

With this in mind you need to think very carefully before you decide which bed to go for. Ultimately the type of bed you choose will depend on many things including budget, the type of bed and size amongst other things, however here are out top 5 things to consider to ensure you choose the right bed for you.

Is it comfortable?

It might sound obvious that you should try lying on the bed before your buy it, but many people don’t. There is no substitute for trying the bed out before you buy and if you are buying with your partner, they will need to be comfortable too.

Is it the right size?

Beds come in many different sizes but the size of the bed needs to be right for your bedroom. The last thing you need is to purchase a bed and have it take up far too much space in a tiny bedroom.

Do you need extra storage?

Beds can be ideal places to store extra items. Drawers under the bed can be particularly handy allowing you to use the space in the room the bed is likely to dominate.

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