Gel Mattresses

A gel foam mattress is the latest innovation within the mattress industry. At its core the notion of gel is to create a mattress surface that does not suffer with undue heat retention. Gel foam is a viscoelastic foam mixed with gel beads that provide extra support and help to reduce heat build-up. These types of mattresses are usually combined with either a sprung or full foam basis in order to complement the pressure relieving & cooling benefits of the gel whilst also dictating the overall feel of the mattress (soft, medium or firm)

  • Conforms individually to all body shapes providing relief on pressure points.
  • Instantly springs back to shape thus avoiding the sensation of feeling like your lay in a divot .
  • Pressure sensitive not heat sensitive which will enable a cooler nights sleep .
  • All foam mattresses are treated with fire-retarded chemicals, which can be slightly smelly – although its completely non-toxic is can cause slight irritation to some people.