Mattress Care Guide

All mattresses require ‘caring for’ to maximize their lifespan, support, and comfort levels. Please follow the below guide to ensure your new bed works properly, remains hygienic and ensures you wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead!

Use a Mattress Protector

You should invest in a quality mattress protector to protect your new investment from all the nasties which can live inside your mattress, as well as moisture generated from sweating while you sleep. Many protectors are available but for ultimate protection we recommend using a waterproof semi-permeable membraned protector – not only with this give your mattress guaranteed protection, it will keep you cooler through moisture dissipating properties.

Turn and Rotate

Over time the main sleeping area of a mattress will show signs of settlement, especially in mattresses with generous amounts of traditional fillings. Therefore, it is essential mattresses are turned and rotated on a regular basis (at least once a month) – this allows the fillings to settle evenly and stay comfortable for longer.

The exception to this rule is a non-turn mattress. Modern materials and springs units are designed to recover better to their original position i.e. memory foam, gel or latex. Although turning is not needed, we still advise they are regularly rotated to maintain even wear across the surface of the mattress.

Air the Mattress

Especially when new, remember to open your windows and leave the mattress to ‘air’, this will allow any residual ‘new smell’ to evaporate leaving your new bed lovely and ready to be used. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to occasionally throw back your covers and allow your mattress time to breathe (around 30mins is fine), this will allow any surface moisture to evaporate and leave your mattress fresh and dry.

Vacuum your Mattress

By vacuuming your mattress monthly helps remove any dead skin and dust that can accumulate over time.


Bedding (including protectors) should ideally be washed weekly to keep your sleeping environment lovely, clean, and fresh. The Sleep Council also suggest replacing your pillows every 2 years and duvets every 5.