Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses contribute to optimal pressure distribution, and as the material fits perfectly to body contours it eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. The specially designed pressure-relieving structure of foam provides adaptable support in every sleeping position and the flexibility to change shape as you move position during the night. Although foam offers excellent pressure-relieving properties, it is essential to ensure you choose the firmness which suits to maximise comfort and recovery while you sleep.

  • Moulds individually to each sleeper while protecting and comforting critical body pressure zones.
  • Excellent for aching joints and stress relief for tired muscles.
  • Non-turn, low maintenance and often reinforced with a super-supportive edge and extended guarantees.
  • High-density memory foam enables the body to sink, this can lead to a feeling of low support or the inability to move during the night.
  • Memory foam absorbs body heat in order create a comfortable environment, however this retained heat in the foam can lead uncomfortable sweating and restless sleep.
  • All foam mattresses are treated with fire-retarded chemicals, which can be slightly smelly – although its completely non-toxic is can cause slight irritation to some people.