Natural Filling Mattresses

Natural fillings are layered above the spring units within a mattress to achieve a particular feel or desired firmness for a specific product. Different fillings can dramatically change a mattresses’ feel and price so therefore it is important to understand how your mattress is ‘made up’.

Some fillings are warmer, some are softer and some are more resilient. These different properties are combined to achieve the perfect combination of support, resilience, breathability, and comfort.


Provides a soft, cool feel due to its ability to breath and absorb moisture.


A breathable material which offers a luxurious feeling and resilience. Wool is antibacterial and traps dust, meaning its perfect for those who are allergic to synthetic fibres and dust mites.


Used in higher-end products, silk is breathable and heat regulating – allowing the sleeper to maintain a more stable sleeping temperature. Silk also has amazing hypoallergenic properties and is great for people with allergies, ultimately adding extra luxury to any product.


Cashmere is considered the pinnacle of the natural materials, it’s sumptuously soft with excellent loft. It helps keep the sleeper comfortable and is found in most top of the range mattresses.

Mohair and Horsehair

Soft and smoother than wool while providing a much more luxurious comfort factor. Often vertically arranged to increase loft and give the mattress durability as well as offering body temperature regulating properties
Hemptex – A natural alternative to Polyester which is used in nearly all mattresses for its excellent recovery properties and economical cost. Hemptex has been developed by Somnus to help increase the mattresses’ natural properties and offer a natural and sustainable polyester alternative.

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