Pocket Spring Mattresses

Characterised by vertically presented springs nested in their own individual fabric pockets, pocket-sprung mattresses allow for total independent movement across the entire sleeping surface as each spring reacts to the individual’s weight and sleeping position.

The spring count within a mattress usually increases along with the price, and where there are higher spring counts it usually means it’s a higher quality product (especially when looking at product ranges within the same brand (i.e. Somnus). Spring counts range from 800 up to 20,000 springs, however this isn’t the sole indicator of a mattresses quality and other factors should be considered when buying a new mattress; including fillings used, guarantees offered and the manufacturer making your new mattress.

  • As the springs are individual the pressure on each spring is much less, resulting in a longer lasting product.
  • Ideal for people of different weights as each person will have their own sleeping area, reducing any potential ‘roll-together’
  • By combining pocket springs with natural fillings, it creates a cooler sleeping experience than memory foam.
  • It is essential to regularly turn your pocket sprung mattress, however high spring count mattresses can be heavy and difficult to turn – particularly in the bigger sizes.

Springing technology has developed so much over the last few years there is no longer a trade-off between having a quality product and having to continually turn your mattress – we now have a large range of ‘non-turn’ mattresses whereby you have all the reassurance of buying a high-quality product, with the convenience of a non-turn mattress!