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Named after the Roman Goddess who personified safety and wellbeing, our Salus Bed Collection is a unique range of luxury mattresses, divans and headboards designed to help you sleep well, so that you awake feeling refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead. Here at M6 Beds we are stockists of the Viscoool collection – designed to give you a deeper, restful night sleep while keeping you cool and comfortable.

M6 Beds: Viscoool

Viscoool contains a blend of sustainable natural raw materials including soybean oil and a refreshing natural balm to help you experience a deeper, more restful sleep. This, combined with a unique open cell structure that guarantees a higher level of moisture evaporation and breathability, means Viscoool stays cooler for longer so you can sleep more comfortably all night long.

  • Unique Viscoool technology for a deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Reduces heat build-up which can be associated with standard memory foam.
  • Contours and cushions the body for a greater level of comfort.
  • A ‘greener’ product – contains sustainable natural raw materials.

How does it work?

Viscoool contains a natural balm which cools down and absorbs body heat. This unique ingredient is added during the manufacturing process, making it inherent in the foam and not just a surface treatment. Independent tests carried out by the AITEX Textile Research Institute show the effectiveness of Viscoool in comparison to standard memory foam.

Superior Comfort • Contoured Body Support • Optimum Breathability

The M6 Bed Warehouse: Salus
The M6 Bed Warehouse: Salus