Since the early 1900's, Sleepeezee has developed and grown into one of the leading and most respected bed manufacturers in the world. Recognised and highly regarded for its craftsmanship, design and innovation, the company has built and maintained an enviable reputation for being one of the largest pocket sprung bed producers in the UK.  Their Kent based factory has built and maintained an enviable reputation for exceptional quality and value for money.

Sleepeezee prides itself on traditional qualities of design and technique, and to this end every product is built to a premium standard, with every detail meticulously checked for consistent, high quality that provides complete reassurance to every customer who chooses to enjoy the superior sleep from a Sleepeezee bed.

A Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales reinforces Sleepeezee’s reputation for service, excellence and the best of British quality.

Aqua 3 – the wonderful lightness of sleeping through 3-phase sleep comfort

This new exciting collection of mattresses combines the latest advances in technology and adapts to every shape and sleeping style, to deliver the perfect night’s sleep.

Phase 1: Immediate pressure relief

The first phase of support in each Aqua3 mattress is a layer of AquaLite™ which has been designed to provide immediate pressure relief and instantly responds to body pressure with a wave-like diffusion of weight giving essential pressure relief and immediate comfort.

Phase 2: Moulds to your individual shape for optimum spinal posture

Phase two is a layer of AquaLite-Gel™ which is pressure sensitive but not heat sensitive and moulds to your individual shape ensuring that the spine is optimally and naturally aligned whatever your shape or sleeping position.

Phase 3: Dynamic support with variable spring technology

The third phase is SoftTouch™ pocketed springs. Exclusive to Sleepeezee, these variable-rate, progressive, self-conforming springs provide initial softness to the touch, becoming firmer for optimal support as weight is applied, generating a luxuriously comfortable yet supportive sleep sensation.