Storage Options

Beds are a fantastic space to maximise storage in your bedroom, and at M6 Beds we offer all the space-spacing solutions available on the market. Contrary to the myth that ‘drawers weaken the total base structure’, the drawer framework is built independently within the base and therefore will do nothing other than give you much needed storage! However, please be mindful drawers are only designed for lightweight bedding – overfilling will lead to broken drawers!

Ottoman beds are becoming ever-increasingly popular for those who need total storage maximisation for heavier items such as suitcases, books and even Christmas decorations! We offer ottoman bases in both side and end-lift options with choices in fabrics and colour finishes – allowing you to choose your perfect bed!

We also offer the new hideaway base – designed for those who want to maximise storage space but without the need to lift the top base! Again, in a huge choice of fabrics and colours options it offers a contemporary twist on a classic storage option.